- Registration

BEFORE you register, you must ENROLL at the academy by going here:

AFTER you have enrolled, you may then register for a student account on our forum.

In the interest of free speech, if you decide to voluntarily register an account on this site you are giving up all legal rights to anything you post here. This means we own your account, we own your posts, we own EVERY FUCKING THING ON HERE. If you are not ok with this agreement, simply fuck off. Problem solved.

We are forced to do this in the interest of fair play since feminists believe that the best way to combat the truth is to CENSOR it by making legal threats against us when we refuse to do so. If you think we are joking, check out our debate section. There you will see a mountain of legal threats made by butthurt feminists and social justice warriors who got destroyed in our LIVE debates and wished to censor their release.

If you are here to train, we invite you. If you are here to debate, we challenge you. If you are here to questions us, we will answer you. But if you are here to CENSOR us, we will RAPE you. May baby Jesus remove the sand from your pussy and allow you to speak your mind without trying to silence any dissenting views you may encounter. Time to get it the fuck on!