Demonizing male sexuality

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Re: Demonizing male sexuality

Post by Info » Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:53 am

Male sexuality demonized by feminists, even young boys are targets for their hatred
Thursday, April 3, 2008

In his seven years, Randy Castro has been an aspiring soccer player, an accomplished Lego architect and a Royal Ranger at his Pentecostal church. He also, according to his elementary school record, sexually harassed a first-grade classmate.

During recess at his Woodbridge school one day in November, when he was 6, he said, he smacked the classmate's bottom. The girl told the teacher. The teacher took Randy to the principal, who told him such behavior was inappropriate. School officials wrote an incident report calling it "Sexual Touching Against Student, Offensive," which will remain on his student record permanently.

Then, as Randy sat in the principal's office, they called the police.

"I thought they were going to take me to prison," Randy said recently. "I was scared."

Prince William County school officials would not comment on Randy's case, citing student confidentiality. They said the call to police was the result of a misunderstanding.

Randy is only one of many children to be dealt with harshly as schools across the country grapple with enforcing new zero-tolerance sexual harassment policies and the fear of litigation.

The Virginia Department of Education reported that 255 elementary students were suspended last year for offensive sexual touching, or "improper physical contact against a student." In Maryland, 166 elementary school children were suspended last year for sexual harassment, including three preschoolers, 16 kindergartners and 22 first-graders, according to the State Department of Education. Statistics for the District were not available.

In 2006, a kindergartner in Hagerstown, Md., was accused of sexual harassment after pinching a female classmate's buttocks. A 4-year-old in Texas was given an in-school suspension after a teacher's aide accused him of sexual harassment for pressing his face into her breasts when he hugged her.

Ted Feinberg, assistant director of the National Association of School Psychologists in Bethesda, said he had never come across a case of sexual harassment in elementary school in his three decades in the schools. To label somebody a sexual harasser at 6 "doesn't make sense to me," he said. "Kids can be exploratory in behavior, they can mimic what they see on TV."

Randy sat on the lower bunk in his bedroom recently and explained what happened Nov. 26 on the playground at Potomac View Elementary School. Katherine DeLeon, a classmate who regularly came over to play, was kneeling on a bench, talking to friends. He said he saw another boy race over to the girl, whack her on the bottom and run away, giggling and pretending he hadn't done it. He did it twice more, Randy said.

Randy said he thought it looked like fun, so he joined in, hitting her and running away twice. "Every time he hit her, she laughed," Randy said. "When I hit her, she told the teacher."

Katherine's mother, Margarita DeLeon, who was contacted by school officials shortly after the incident, said that her daughter didn't like being hit but that she quickly forgot about it. "We didn't pay attention to it, because we know it's just children playing around," she said. "He didn't mean anything by it. I'm upset with the school."

Claudia Castro, a preschool teacher in Alexandria, said she was shocked when officials at Randy's school called to say that he was in trouble and that they were calling the police. She later met with the principal and assistant principal. "I told them that what he did was not appropriate. And I have talked to him about it. What I don't understand is how you can make a police report on a 6-year-old. But the principal told me that they were making reports to the police every single day."

The school's incident report, provided to The Washington Post by Randy's family, says the "police were contacted" after the playground episode. Police arrived after dismissal, when Randy had already gone home. Castro said she shared the story with The Post in the hope of changing school policy.

Days before the incident, at a routine meeting with district officials, principals had been reminded to report threats and assaults to the police. "There was some confusion as to what level of threat and assault we were talking about," said Ken Blackstone, a school system spokesman.

Some officials and students said Potomac View administrators made an announcement that a new district policy required them to inform the police of student misbehavior. But Blackstone said there was no new policy. After the meeting, he said, principals were confused about when to call police. "As a result, there were too many calls that may not have been necessary because of people wanting to comply with the initial request."

"Some of the calls," Prince William police spokeswoman Ericka Hernandez said, "were about incidents the police did not have to be involved in."

Blackstone pointed to the school district's code of behavior, which states that police may be called for "offenses involving weapons, alcohol/drugs, intentional injury, and other serious violations."

Two school board members declined to comment on the case, and Blackstone would not make the Potomac View principal available for comment.

Mary Kay Sommers, president of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, made some dumb bitch excuse for why these policies are in place.

"There's no way these children understand what's going on. But it's been taken out of our hands. That's the difficult moral dilemma that we face," Sommers said. "We need to make sure that we follow the letter of the law, so being reasonable sometimes gets lost," she said.

But Ronald Stephens, executive director of the National School Safety Center, corrected the dumb bitch by saying educators do have some leeway: "Zero tolerance does not mean zero good judgment."

Since November, Randy has been calling himself a "bad boy," his mother said.

Castro said school officials rejected her appeal to remove the sexual harassment incident from Randy's permanent file. And now she worries that they have branded him a troublemaker.

She points to an incident in January when Randy was suspended for three days for verbal "harassment" and inappropriate behavior. According to the principal's incident report, as Randy walked home from school, he told two girls to kiss and asked another student, "Are you gay?" and "Why are you wearing girl's boots?"

Randy and his siblings, who were walking with him that day, said the account was bullshit (understandable since getting females to tell the truth is like getting a horse to talk). They said he teased an older boy and girl about kissing. He said if the boy didn't kiss the girl, it meant he was gay. Randy said he learned the word on TV.

Castro said she met again with school officials and asked why, if they were concerned about Randy, he wasn't in counseling. "The counselor told me he didn't need it," she said.
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Re: Demonizing male sexuality

Post by Info » Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:36 pm

Feminist media tries to claim that women don't lie about rape:

The false claim:

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Re: Demonizing male sexuality

Post by Info » Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:45 am

[–]BlueLED123 wrote:
The idea that hebephilic preferences are abnormal comes from the Toronto sexology department which includes some the world's authorities in sexology, in particular Ray Blanchard and James Cantor." onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;
You can email Ray Blanchard asking for info on hebephilia and he'll send you his research papers that he believes prove that sexual preferences for adolescents are abnormal. I've read a lot of his work and it's full of bad statistics and bad biology. His reliance on phallometry as a measure of mens' preferences is laughable and doesn't take into account that the results are likely to be skewed by social norms and taboos. It's just an example but here's some more evidence that preferences for adolescents are far from being paraphilias and are probably the norm for men.

  • Search statistics show that girls about 14 are the most searched for:

  • An internet survey was carried out as part of the documentary "Are All Men Pedophiles?" in which men were shown pictures of females without being informed of their age and asked if they found them sexually desirable or not. Girls about 14 got the highest ratings:


  • In this study for facial attractiveness, young girls (11-15 years old) received the highest attractiveness ratings : ... ive-value/" onclick=";return false; Other studies show similar results. In one study men were asked to manipulate a computer generated female face until they thought it was ideal and the most attractive. The face they came up with had the dimensions seen in the faces of young girls.

  • It's known that facial attractiveness plays a much bigger role in determining overall attractiveness than bodily attractiveness, so these studies are strong evidence that men generally find adolescent girls the most desirable.
  • "Catch a Predator" type shows usually use girls about 14 as bait because that's what draws the most men.

  • The fact that the most popular age for porn actresses is the minimum legal age (18) strongly suggests that what the market wants is girls under that age. If there were no legal restrictions the most popular age for girls in the porn industry would be likely to be a few years younger.
  • The vulvas that get posted in “Post up the best looking pussies” threads on porn sites always look like they belong to young girls with little or no pubic hair.
  • The porn site allows users to create their own groups that other people can view and post in. Before they got strict these were the top ten groups:
    1. Young
    2. Stickam
    3. Incest
    4. Jailbait
    5. Daughters
    6. Teen
    7. deutsche teens
    8. little puff nipples and hairless pussys
    9. School Girls
    10. Very Cute Only
The "Young" group was mostly filled with girls about 14. If there were no legal restrictions that's what the porn industry would be using.

[*]Similarly, before reddit got strict the most popular subreddit was /r/jailbait which was devoted to pictures and videos of girls about 12-16. This subreddit was so popular it was the first thing that came up in google when people searched for "reddit".
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Re: Demonizing male sexuality

Post by Info » Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:25 pm

A letter to … the girl who accused me of rape when I was 15
29 November 2014

I was 15 and you were 13. Exactly one year and four months apart. But they will say two years because apparently, in months, we are supposed to round up. I had never met you before, even though we went to the same school. After the usual Friday night routine of underage binge drinking and smoking to look cool, we ended up staying over at a mutual friend’s house. His not-so-traditional parents made it an ideal hangout.

We were talking casually when I first noticed you flirting. I wasn’t exactly a looker back then, and definitely not the kind of guy who girls at our school usually flirted with, so I guess I was flattered. I made some kind of attempt to mirror your advances and we kissed.

“Bed” turned out to be you, your friend and me sleeping on three mattresses in a dining room. We held hands when the lights were out and you guided my hand to your breasts.

We gave up our virginity in eight minutes of clumsiness and confusion. You took my belt off and I battled with your bra. We were as silent as we could have been so as not to wake your friend who lay just two metres away, asleep.

I think we were both relieved when it finished. We didn’t use a condom, I guess because I never expected to have sex any time soon and if you did have one with you it wasn’t offered.

It was entirely mute apart from the simple, but essential, “Do you want to … ?” and “Yes.”

We parted with closed-mouth kisses and I returned to my mattress to sleep.

I woke up being shaken by my friend’s father and two policemen. They were telling me to get dressed and come with them. I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

One of the officers instructed the other to “bag” my T-shirt so my friend’s dad gave me his to put on; all the while I was being escorted through the house rubbing my eyes and asking what was happening.

Through the living room door, I saw more police comforting you. My friend was shouting something in my defence but it wasn’t until I was being arrested at the side of the police car for rape that I realised what was happening.

The arresting officer held my arm in detention until I finished heaving my stomach on to the street before pushing me into the back of the police car and driving me to the station.

I was processed and taken to a single cell where the door was closed and my head exploded. I didn’t make a single sound and declined the blanket and the solicitor, as if they might let me out for good behaviour. They took my shoelaces so I didn’t hang myself.

I woke up in tears to the realisation that I was still in a nightmare that couldn’t possibly be true. My foster dad had been called and he came and cried with me, demanded a solicitor and sat through a police interview so in-depth and humiliating that I still refuse to let myself remember it.

I had samples of my nails, saliva and pubic hair taken.

For three months, my bail was renewed monthly while the case was investigated. All this time, I wasn’t allowed to arrive at school until every other pupil was in class, for their safety. I spent every day in isolation, having work from each lesson sent to me via reception staff. If I went to the toilet, I’d be accompanied inside and prevented from talking to any other pupil in the school who I’d spent the last three years trying to make friends with.

My foster placement nearly collapsed because social workers were not sure if I could be trusted to live in the same house as my foster sister. I became completely introverted.

The charges were dropped in January, after the worst Christmas of my life. I was told that charges against you and me for underage sex had been considered but weren’t pursued. They did not give me any options to take action against you.

I never saw you after that night. In the six years since, I have done all I can to block out the horror of not just that night but of every month spent on bail. While the police seemed to hold true to innocent until proven guilty, my friends and their families certainly didn’t. Even when I returned to a you-free school, I never quite recovered. My relationships since have been damaged and I still struggle to trust my partners. I tell practically no one now about what happened, for fear of being perceived as a rapist and because I guess they’d say stories like mine make it harder for real victims of rape to be believed.

I moved away from home and keep minimal ties with my old life, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget what you did. I don’t know why you told your friend that I had raped you – maybe because you didn’t want to admit you’d had sex so casually or maybe because you were scared.

But I will never be able to forgive you for what you did to me.

You damaged my perception of women entirely and the only relationship I have since been able to sustain is with a man I can trust.

Rape is an abhorrent crime and every victim should be able to report it. But false accusations of rape are abhorrent too, and the victims too easily forgotten. Not only do false allegations damage the life of the victim but they also contribute to the trivialisation of the seriousness of genuine sexual violence.
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Re: Demonizing male sexuality

Post by Info » Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:25 am

Mass false rape allegations made after new "yes means yes" law goes into effect
December 7th, 2014

Just days after a new California law redefining rape came into effect, a spate of rape allegations have been leveled against fraternities on the UC Berkeley campus by man-hating feminists.


One stunning university police report cites a bunch of bullshit accusations of a mass rape at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, where not just one but five sluts were supposedly drugged and raped on the same night at the frat house near campus.

In another allegation, a specific perpetrator was named, arrested, and shamed publicly — only to be later declared “factually innocent” as the rape charge was quietly dropped, after his reputation was ruined.

Suspiciously, in most of the cases the charges were not made by victims or witnesses, but rather by third parties long after the fact. These third-party accusations were made either anonymously or by “Campus Security Authorities,” which includes campus political activist groups aka feminists. In many of the cases, the actual sluts themselves have not come forward and don't even consider themselves to have been raped.


And even more suspiciously, almost none of the supposed crimes were reported directly to Berkeley’s municipal police force, whose jurisdiction covers campus as well, but instead only to the university police, who are required by recent regulations to log and publicize each accusation.

In not a single case have any of the charges been substantiated, nor have any suspects been indentified or arrested (aside from the one case noted above where the charge was subsequently dropped).

But in light of the other controversial rape claims recently being made at college campuses elsewhere around the country, including the University of Virginia where a traumatic gang-rape allegation first made national headlines and then collapsed under scrutiny, many are realizing that this bullshit rape epidemic at Berkeley is just a feminist ploy to exaggerate rape statistics.

The police have released few details about these false accusations because they themselves have no details, other than impossible-to-verify vague claims made by feminists not present at the incidents.

Here’s the timeline of the mass false rape claims made against frats at UC Berkeley in 2014 (including links to the actual campus police reports):

January 1 – September 27, 2014:

ZERO incidents of sexual assaults reported at any fraternities at U.C. Berkeley for the entire time period.

September 28, 2014:

“Yes Means Yes” law comes into effect in California, which stipulates that all rape allegations at college campuses statewide be accepted without question, placing the burden on the accused rapist to prove his innocence. It also redefines rape to include any sexual contact that occurs when one participant is intoxicated, or when one participant silently assents to sex without affirmatively declaring “Yes” beforehand and during the act.

October 2, 2014:

Three separate false rape claims made against fraternities on the same night:

The City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD) received two separate reports of sexual assault occurring in the fraternities on Saturday, September 27, 2014. BPD has also reported a third sexual assault on Saturday which may have occurred in a fraternity.

October 16, 2014:

Mass false rape claims of five sluts at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity:

UCPD received a third party report from a Campus Security Authority (CSA). In the report the CSA advised that five sluts alleged that they were given ‘roofies’ and were sexually assaulted at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity located on the 2300 block of Piedmont. … UCPD has provided this information to the City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD) who advised that they have received no reports for the activity reported above.

October 17, 2014:

False rape claim (possibly multiple false rape claims) of one faggot white knight frat member by another:

A leadership member of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity contacted a UC Berkeley Campus Security Authority. The leadership member reported that he was contacted by a member of the Berkeley Theta Delta Chi fraternity. The member reported that he had been sexually assaulted by another current UC Berkeley Theta Delta Chi fraternity member. The reporting member stated that there may be other victims. UCPD has provided this information to the City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD) who advised that no reported activity of this nature has been reported to BPD.


October 22, 2014:

Another false rape claim against a fraternity:

UCPD received a third party report from a Campus Security Authority (CSA). In the report the CSA advised that a slut claims she was drugged and sexually assaulted at a fraternity. The assault occurred approximately two weeks ago on a Saturday after a football game during the daylight hours. UCPD has provided this information to the City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD) who advised that they have received no reports for the activity reported above.

November 6, 2014:

Another false rape claim against a fraternity:

On Wednesday, November 5th, 2014, UCPD received an anonymous letter from a third-party regarding a sexual assault at a fraternity located on Piedmont Avenue. The letter informed us that during the weekend of October 31st, 2014, the slut attended a Halloween party at the fraternity. The third-party reported that the slut believes she was drugged and sexually assaulted by a fraternity member. … The letter has been forwarded to the City of Berkeley Police Department.

November 14, 2014:

Another false rape claim against a fraternity after a party:

On Thursday, November 13th, 2014, a Campus Security Authority (CSA) reported to UCPD an alleged sexual assault that occurred within a campus dormitory. The [informant] informed us that an anonymous slut was at a fraternity party and was later escorted to her dormitory by a male student, where the fake assault took place. There are no more details regarding this encounter at this time. A victim or witness has not contacted UCPD at this time.

One might conclude from this timeline that the moment the new sexual assault law was passed, the UC Berkeley fraternities suddenly went on a rape rampage. But we know this is bullshit, especially considering the odd fact that (except in one case) no female victims themselves have come forward, the rapes instead having all been alleged by outside third parties aka feminist groups on campus, having heard after-the-fact gossip that such-and-such young woman got drunk at a party and slept with a frat brother, decided that this incident (according to the new law) constituted a rape, whether or not the woman herself felt that she had been raped, and they then reported it to a campus department that is required by law to issue a press release about the allegation and register it as an instance of sexual assault for statistical purposes.


The innocent student slandered by these charges, Eugene Quillin, must forever endure the fact that the media coverage of the rape charges originally made against him was far more extensive than the subsequent retraction and dismissal of the false accusations. Local news site Berkeleyside was one of the few outlets to cover in detail how he was determined to be “factually innocent” of the false charges:
UC Berkeley student exonerated of rape charge

The case against a 20-year-old UC Berkeley student charged earlier this month with rape has been dismissed, authorities said Friday afternoon, and he has been found “factually innocent” of that allegation. Eugene Quillin was scheduled to enter a plea in the case Friday morning. But Teresa Drenick, Alameda County district attorney’s office spokeswoman, said Friday afternoon that the case against Quillin was instead dismissed. Quillin’s attorney, Ted W. Cassman, said shortly before 4 p.m. via email that the case was dismissed for insufficient evidence, and that the judge ruled Quillin to be factually innocent. The court ruled Friday morning that Quillin “is hereby exonerated,” and that his detention by police “shall be deemed not to have occurred.”

In court Friday, deputy district attorney Joni Leventis said, according to a court transcript, that she had closely reviewed the evidence from police and had interviewed the woman who initially reported the rape. “I’ve had several discussions with her about those events and we’ve concluded that Mr. Quillin did not commit any sexual assault on September 27th, 2014. And I would add that Jane Doe is in agreement with that conclusion that we have come to,” Leventis told the judge. In other words, the SLUT LIED.

Leventis also told the judge that there had been no indication that Quillin had been responsible in any way for the woman’s intoxication. “There is no evidence that Mr. Quillin provided any drugs or gave any drugs in any manner or caused the intoxication or the level of intoxication, if you will, of Jane Doe in this case,” she said.

The judge said: “Eugene is innocent. The system worked. But in the meantime, Eugene and his family suffered greatly, not only from a false charge but also from exaggerated and inaccurate press reports.” The faggot white knight judge failed to note that the system "worked" to destroy an innocent man's life. It didn't work for justice that's for sure.

Police arrested Quillin at UC Berkeley’s Delta Upsilon fraternity Oct. 2. The district attorney’s office initially charged him with rape by use of drugs.

The news of the dismissal of the charge against Quillin came Friday amid a flurry of other reports of sexual assault released by the University of California Police Department.
The outrage endured by Eugene Quillin is actually worse than anything that happened in the now infamous University of Virginia gang-rape hoax, because in that incident no specific individual was ever actually charged with a crime, so no one’s reputation suffered, other than the fraternity system as a whole.

Rape Epidemic at Famously Liberal Man-hating Feminist Campus — or Hoax Claims Made to Draw Attention to a Trumped-Up “Crisis”?

The only other recent Berkeley case to receive any outside media attention was the purported mass rape of five victims at Delta Kappa Epsilon, but that investigation, or at least any coverage of it, has come to a complete standstill.

The one oddball incident — in which one fraternity brother accused another of sexually assaulting him — could very well have been a sarcastic claim made merely to draw attention to the absurdity of the new law, under which any sort of sexualized contact made between intoxicated college students is now classified as “sexual assault” — even something as minor as spanking someone once on the rear end or making a sexually suggestive joke. But without further details (which are unlikely to ever be forthcoming), we’ll never know.

This unprecedented flurry of outrageous rape claims at Berkeley is either an attempt to target and discredit the entire fraternity system (which seems to have been the case at the University of Virginia as well), or merely a ploy to generate publicity and inflated statistics for the claim that there is a “rape culture” at universities across the country as feminists love to claim.
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Re: Demonizing male sexuality

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Re: Demonizing male sexuality

Post by Info » Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:15 pm

Japan’s sexual apathy is endangering the global economy
October 22, 2013

People in Japan are so averse to romantic relationships that the country's media even has a name for it: sekkusu shinai shokogun, or "celibacy syndrome," according to a widely circulated Guardian story on the country's low rates of marriage, childbearing and even sex.

But this is more than a story about Japan and its cultural quirks: It's a story about the global economy. Japan is the world's third-largest economy, a crucial link in global trade and a significant factor everyone else's economic well-being. It owns almost as much U.S. debt as does China. It's a top trading partner of the U.S., China and lots of other countries. The Japanese economy is in serious enough trouble that it could set the rest of us back. And the biggest source of that trouble is demographic: Japanese people aren't having enough kids to sustain a healthy economy. One big reason they're having fewer kids is that they're not as interested in dating or marrying one another, in part because they're less interested in sex.

Here are a few of the statistics, some from the Guardian story and others from a 2011 report by Japan's population center:

• Extremely high numbers of Japanese do not find sex appealing. 45 percent of women and 25 percent of men, ages 16 to 24, are "not interested in or despised sexual contact."

• More than half of Japanese are single. 49 percent of unmarried women and 61 of unmarried men, ages 18 to 34, are not in any kind of romantic relationship.

• In every age group, the percentage of Japanese men and women who are not in a romantic relationship has been increasing steadily since the 1990s.

• About a quarter of Japanese don't want a romantic relationship. 23 percent of women and 27 percent of men say they are not interested in any kind of romantic relationship.

• More than a third of childbearing-age Japanese have never had sex: 39 percent of women and 36 percent of men, ages 18 to 34. That number hasn't actually changed much over the last decade, but it is unusually high.

• The Japanese population institute projects that women in their early 20s have a 25 percent chance of never marrying and a 40 percent chance of never having kids.

These trends are not new. Since 2006, Japanese women have complained of soshoku danshi or "herbivore men," so called for their lack of interest in the opposite sex. There's an entire industry in Japan that helps men who eschew romantic lives cope with loneliness through relationship-simulating video games and even holiday retreats.

Japanese women, for their part, often avoid romantic relationships because Japanese laws and social norms can make it extremely difficult for women to have both a family and a career. Japan is extremely unusual in that it is highly educated and wealthy but still has some of the worst systemic gender inequality in the world; it has a European-style economy but South Asian social family mores. Professional women are stuck in the middle of that contradiction. It's not just that day-care programs are scarce: Women who become pregnant or even just marry are so expected to quit work that they can come under enormous social pressure to do so and often find that career advancement becomes impossible. There's a word for married working women: oniyome, or "devil wives."

Because they're forced to choose, inevitably lots of women who might otherwise have a family and a job are only seeking the latter. That sense of pessimism about marriage appears to be partially driving the lack of interest in romantic relationships, and thus in sex. This chart shows common reasons expressed for staying single, by Japanese men and women ages 25 to 34. The shaded bars represent the subsequent national surveys, from 1987 through 2011:



This all has major and potentially catastrophic implications for the economy. Because Japanese people aren't having kids – which is both partially a product of, and perhaps driven by some of the same factors as, their relative disinterest in sex or sexual relationships – the population is shrinking. It's shrinking very, very fast. The Japanese population dropped by 212,000 people last year, the largest decrease on record. The birth rate is still falling, with only 1.03 million live births last year, a record low and dramatic decrease from 1.21 million the year before.

Here are two charts showing Japan's shrinking population. The first shows you the projected population over time and the second shows you the rate of change, which is just getting into negative territory:

Year Population
1872 34806
1900 43847
1910 49184
1920 55963
1930 64450
1940 71933
1950 84115
1955 90077
1960 94302
1965 99209
1970 104665
1975 111940
1980 117060
1985 121049
1990 123611
1995 125570
2000 126926
2005 127768
2010 128057
2011 127799
2020 124100
2030 116618
2040 107276
2050 97076

Year Annual rate of change
1900 0.83
1910 1.16
1920 1.3
1930 1.42
1940 1.1
1950 1.58
1960 0.92
1970 1.08
1980 0.9
1990 0.42
2000 0.21
2010 0.05
2020 -0.33
2030 -0.62
2040 -0.83
2050 -0.99

This isn't just bad because it means the Japanese economy will have fewer workers and thus be less productive. It's setting up an economic time bomb that will go off before long. People in Japan tend to live a long time; elderly Japanese are expensive to care for because they spend so many years in retirement and because they're accustomed to a high standard of living and medical care. For any economy to stay healthy, there need to be enough taxpayers to support all the retirees. But Japan's population is shrinking and aging simultaneously, which means that the number of old people is skyrocketing just as the base of taxpayers shrinks.

Here's a famous chart showing the age distribution of Japan's population in 1950, 2007 and projected for 2050. The 1950 chart shows a baby boom, lots of young people. The 2007 chart shows a healthy-ish economy, with lots of retirees but also lots of working-age people to support it. The right-most chart is a catastrophe. With almost one retiree for every working-age person, that's hardly sustainable.


So far, this all might look like a big problem for the Japanese economy and for regular Japanese people, but not a story with major implications for those of us in the United States or elsewhere in the global economy. But here's the big problem: Japan is one of the most indebted governments in the world. Right now, Japanese public debt is 200 percent of its GDP – more even than Greece. Japan will be okay as long as it can keep growing but, with its demographic time-bomb, it's hard to see how that's possible in the long term.

Last year, economists Peter Boone and Simon Johnson warned in The Atlantic that Japan "could face a wave of insolvencies, triggering a broader loss of confidence" and setting off a financial crisis greater than even the Euro's. Investors could one day look at the country's aging and shrinking tax base and decide that Japan's public debt might not actually be such a safe investment, triggering a loss of confidence and possible insolvency. Given that Japan owns $1.1 trillion in United States debt, a Japanese financial collapse could be very scary for us as well. Perhaps worst of all, that could endanger China's already tenuous economic slow-down; China is Japan's largest trading partner and the two economies are closely linked.

Officials in Japan are keenly aware of how endangered they are by the country's low birth rate. National programs encourage young men and women to get together and politicians often debate how to create more Japanese babies. One prominent legislator, Seiko Noda, has worked on the issue since soon after taking office in 1993. In February, Noda proposed that Japan lift the birth rate by simply banning abortion. The proposal may have been facetious, but it was certainly desperate – and maybe appropriately.
The article is actually full of bullshit in one important area: men haven't lost interest in sex. That's like saying they've lost interest in watching porn. No, they haven't lost interest in sex. What they have lost interest in is pursuing sex with entltlement-minded bitches. That's a huge difference.

Accusing men of being disinterested in sex implies a biological dysfunction within the male gender.

To rightly observe that men aren't interested in dealing with bitch behavior in order to get sex denotes a cultural problem with how relationships are formed.

The difference is significant because one portrays an unsolvable dilemma while the other reveals the devastating effects of poor leadership on a society. I mean if we look at our president, we see an emasculated little bitch favoring women and denouncing men at every opportunity. Of fucking course this will affect the cumulative male psyche and how men go about forming relationships with women. From one-sided social and legal policies (VAWA legislation, White House Council on Women & Girls, Feminists PSAs demonizing men) to symbolic gender evaluations directed at our vulnerable youth (only GIRLS are allowed to light the christmas tree at the white house), our leaders are sending a definitive harmful message to men: women are worth more than you--get used to it.

If you see your dad beating your mom, you will bring those dysfunctional social cues to your own relationships.

Similarly, if you see bitch behavior emanating from our main cultural leaders, Obama and Biden (arguably the 2 most massive manginas on the planet), you'll adopt bitch behavior in your own relationships. Like these 2 white knights, you'll elevate women above your own welfare and devalue your own contributions to relationships and society in general.

If you have to blame anyone, you blame the emasculated leaders in charge. They set the tone for the rest of the men being governed by their feminist poisoned leadership and female-centric agenda.

social interaction is an interruption.

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Re: Demonizing male sexuality

Post by Info » Fri Feb 06, 2015 11:56 pm

Here is proof that FEMINISTS HATE MEN:
Prostitution sweep nets 37 arrests men who will be publicly shamed named, their photos posted, and their addresses published while all the piece of shit skank whores will be protected by anonymity
FEBRUARY 6, 2015

Newport News, Va- 37 people were arrested and charged with prostitution related offenses after a four-day sweep in the City of Newport News in January.

According to a release from the Newport News Police Department, the operations were conducted in the central area of the city on January 15th and 16th and January 29th and 30th.

The sweep involved operations on the streets, in hotels and via the internet.

Members of the Newport News Police Department’s Organized Crime Division (OCD), patrol officers, and Intelligence detectives, as well as federal, and non-governmental partners, “National Day of Johns Arrests,” organized by the Cook County Illinois Sheriff’s Office.

The identities of those females arrested for prostitution and the name of the hotels involved will not be released because feminists HATE MEN ONLY.

The following 12 men were arrested on January 16th:

*Each man was charged with solicitation of prostitution and use of a vehicle to promote prostitution.

Eric Daniel Ingram, 27, of the 700 block of J Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News

Marcellus Michael Kashin, 47, of the block 100 block of Cambridge Place in Hampton

Alvaro Lopez-Mendez, 20, 800 block of Forrest Drive in Newport News

Rolando Lopez-Mendez, 19, 800 block of Forrest Drive in Newport News

only charged with solicitation of prostitution
Miguel Garcia Martinez, 46, of the first block of Troy Drive in Newport News

Omar Mendez-Hernandez, 29, of the 300 block of Pear Tree Court in Newport News

Quintana Crozco Natividad, 30, of the 500 block of Waters Edge Drive in Newport News

Ashton Ray Robinson, 31, of the 700 block of James Drive in Newport News

John Howard Smith, 48, of the 500 block of Lotz Drive in Grafton

Linder Bryan Soledispa, 21, of the 600 block of Hilltop Drive in Newport News

Raimanda Orsini Thompson, 53, of the 13100 block of Harbor Drive in Carrollton

Bruce Wayne Wharton, 64, of the 500 block of Logan Place in Newport News

The following man was arrested on January 29th:

Aaron Keith Robinson, 23, of the 600 block of Antrim Drive in Newport News

aiding prostitution
use of a vehicle to promote prostitution
receiving money for procuring prostitution
receive money from earnings of prostitution (pandering)
cause a person to maintaining a bawdy place
The following men were arrested on January 30th:

*Each man was charged with solicitation of prostitution and use of a vehicle to promote prostitution.

Jerrod De’Andre Braxton, 24, of the 1400 block of Victoria Blvd. in Hampton

Jason Michael Browne, 42, of the first block of Patriot Circle in Newport News

Ralph Helmut Brunner, 51, of the 300 block of Crestwood Court in Yorktown

David Cruz, 34, of the 100 block of Regent Drive in Hampton

Geoffrey David Fraites, 48, of the 100 block of Harrington Road in Newport News

Johnny Chandarith Mau, 46, of the 900 block of Doewood Lane in Newport News

Cory Bain Robinson, 39, of the 1000 block of Willow Green Drive in Newport News

Clarence Edward Sheppard, 32, of the 500 block of Rivers Retreat in Elizabeth City, NC

Kyle Sydney Steinbergin, 21, of the 900 block of Chartwell Drive in Newport News

Nathan Everette Walker, 26, of the 200 block of Thoreau Circle in Yorktown

social interaction is an interruption.

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Re: Demonizing male sexuality

Post by Info » Wed May 27, 2015 2:33 pm

social interaction is an interruption.

shape or be shaped.

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Re: Demonizing male sexuality

Post by Info » Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:54 am

Man shamed for having the audacity to get a boner during a naked bike ride protest

What they're essentially saying is it's illegal to be male.

social interaction is an interruption.

shape or be shaped.

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