It's Tough Being A Man

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It's Tough Being A Man

Post by Info » Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:13 am

social interaction is an interruption.

shape or be shaped.

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Re: It's Tough Being A Man

Post by Deceiver » Thu Feb 18, 2016 9:16 am

This movie is the main reason why i joined this academy.

I remember it sooo good.

A friend of mine was trying to introduce me to the academy, but i couldn't be bothered.
For over 4 years i was following bullshit scams such as PUA and self help faggotry.
From tony robbins to the mystery method.
I was even looking into self hypnosis crap LOL. :facepalm:
Nothing ever worked out, or it was a temporary band aid solution.

That's why i was so stubborn to even bother with the academy.
I didn't wanna waste more time of my life, and fall for more scams.

My friend showed me some parts of a debate and i was like, why are these guys hiding behind pitched voices?
If they are legit, why should they hide?
I couldn't last two seconds listening to it.

The only thing i've learned over these wasted years was, LOOK AT THE SOURCE.
Does the guy thats preaching you his ''get laid within 3 days by following this sick method'' look like a guy that gets laid a lot?
Does he actually look/sound like a guy that's comfortable around other people?
Is he actually confident?
Does he actually know what he's talking about? and more important actually LIVING it?
Most of the time you'll find out it's not the case.
These guys are just in it to make a quick buck, and scam people out of their money.
With bullshit theories that seem nice on first hand, but in real life fail to work.

So that's why i didn't even bother..
Only until i hit a really fucking low moment in my life.
I remember i was so fucking uncomfortable in my skin, i couldn't fucking bare with it anymore.
It was either CHANGE or perhaps DEATH.

That's when i started to change.
I started researching shit again, and i came across feminism, and how fucking terrible it is.
I've stumbled on the MRA and MGTOW movement.
It all made sense to me, the way society is run today is fucking wrong.
The entitlement women have to this day, is just completely wrong.
And are a major component to my miserable exsistence.
I felt guilty for being a man and looking at chicks.
While they are out there, flaunting their tools all over the place, and yet it's me (THE MAN) that's at fault!
Fuck that goofy ass shit. :angry-cussingblack:

A major shift in my thinking occurred.
But i was still stuck.
Once again i had nowhere to go.
I knew feminism was bad, but what could i possibly do about it?
The MRA and mgtows had forums where they could complain but there was no action..
There was nothing that i could do, other than complain.

That's when i remembered what my friend said.
And what he told me about the academy.
This time i was more curious to research it and what it stands for.
So i went over to the homepage of Manhood 101 and looked at the tab videos.
I saw the ''It's tough being a man.'' video up there.
I hadn't seen it before, as it was probally blocked by Youtube. (censoring cocksuckers)

The moment i hit play it clicked.
The way the movie is directed is fucking genius.
From scene selection to the music, and the powerful message behind it.
I was completely hooked and started looking to the other videos and eventually the debates.
I started to understand that they pitched the voices for anonymity reasons and to encourage free speech.
Then i started listening to the professor and his debates.
And i knew straight away that this is a guy that gets it, and more importantly LIVES it.

That's when i started to apply for the academy, and the rest is history.
I'm no longer in that same state i was before.
I feel more free in my skin than ever before.
My shift in thinking and attitude has changed a lot.

I'm still not where i wanna be, probably not even close.
But the changes i've made inside this academy. (in only just a few months)
Have done more than my entire 4 years of PUA methods and self help books/mp3s/videos/seminars learning.

And all that thanks to this epic movie!
Limitation prevents disorder.
Power belongs to the people who take it.
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Re: It's Tough Being A Man

Post by taprack » Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:05 am

Cracking Video.

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