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Re: FREE LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIPS to those who can't afford tuition

Post by AceGravyMaker » Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:55 am

My name is Rob and I am a college student looking to better myself. Reading the information here has made me realize that I am not reaching my fullest potential socially. My parents' marriage is failing because my father will not put his foot down and I want to be able to have a successful marriage in the future. I would always hang around guys who were players and would get all the girls at school hoping that their skills would rub off on me, but to no avail. I read fucking gay ass pick up artist books like "The Game" that are pretty much
make your own adventure bullshit books. Nothing seemed to work.
I work out every day. I study hard for my classes. I am involved in one the best fraternities on campus. I feel like I should be getting a lot of girls, but yet I do not because my social skills are shit with girls. I want to be the best at everything I do, and I will not quit nor will I give up. I hope you consider me for the scholarship.

Thank you


Re: FREE LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIPS to those who can't afford tuition

Post by Brewho » Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:42 am

Good morning professor, I was referred to the Manhood 101 by an ex student of yours "Lorenzo Lamas". I request a scholarship interview this following Monday , December 06, 2015 at 8pm.
I have listened to podcasts, interview's, debates, etc. WOAH o.O That is SIMPLY BREATH TAKING! (I HAVE BEEN LIVING A LIE MY WHOLE LIFE!) I read the ebook, and its CORE knowledge and principles of God .. THEY CANT BE BENT OR CHANGED!! and you made this AWESOME BOOK FOR DUMMIES! refined to this modern times (because the bible is to COMPLEX, and PEOPLE just take whats CONVENIENT TO THEM xD).
I'm here because I lost two most precious people in the world to me T.T, My ex fiancee... she was the woman that stayed by my side even though I was an emasculated/good guy/man (at that time around December 2011- March 2014). And even though I received "professional" help from a psychologist (total bullshit), she threw me into a asshole/player/man mode.
I have lived a reckless life of on going relationships with women, fucking here fucking there, in cars, hotels, and emptiness in my heart </3 , never reaching my goals, WHY!? because I was blindly trying to fill, the spot my fiancee and her daughter left X.X , ITS LIKE I HAD the BEST CHICKEN AND WAFFLES IN THE WORLD!, and now I Have Monicas, Lauras, Elvia, Livia...but never that SWEEt breath taking with a vapory sensation, of Saira my ex girl(NO OTHER FUCKING CHICKEN AND WAFFLESS tastes the same)... And I come here to ask for your aid to attune my social skills with women, to recuperate my ex fiancee and her daughters love to create a stable home of love, for them and guide her. Right now she is also a delusional woman in a chaotic path of feminism, veganism, sluttyness (even though she says shes a "lesbian", she makes stupid videos online giving unrealistic and dysfunctional principles life, mainly surrounded of ASSHOLES that fucking BETRAYED ME!, that I served at my home, said that "respected me" and I treated LIKE KINGS!, My life was WORSTS THAN JOHN SNOWS Backstabbing scene)...
And I also, If I cant get her back, then I want to be a beacon of light to bros around the world, share that the principles you share and teach professor, are universal, they are the main core of creation, and that they are brisk of destruction. Give me an opportunity to share my story, tell you who am I, and where I come from, and I can assure you.. that even though I sound monotone thorough here, at the end of that interview for a scholarship, you will have made another friend.

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Re: FREE LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIPS to those who can't afford tuition

Post by mr platitude » Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:33 pm

yo Manhood 101 I been gone for so long had a job where I didn't have any free time but that's not an excuse to show up, to be honest, i was scared of the butt hurt that's another reason i didn't come back but I want to come back to better my social skills and improve my current relationships and build new ones my relationships with the bros are pretty shitty and I need help fixing them in order to do that I have to learn how to stop being an emotional little pussy :headwall: and become more logical I'm too fuckin reactive and I hate it :headwall: I watched one of your podcast where yall mentioned reacting is a bitch emotion I want to stop that shit I need to get my balls back I want to have the balls to speak up and take corrections so I won't sound so damn dumb when I speak up I need your help I hate being so emotional like a bitch I want to man up and better my relationships
im tired of running from my problems i want to face them head on 1 minute im ballsy next minute im a pussy i need consistent training and this is the only functional place im going to get the training i need i want to stop living a lazy and hesitant life i wanna be free from the bullshit

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Re: FREE LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIPS to those who can't afford tuition

Post by Dark_Lord » Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:39 pm

So I like what you guys have to say and I want greater social success. Sometimes I don't even know what the problem is so I can't fix it. I do know however that I have a problem with monotone and I wanna fix that. A lot of the bullshit comes from fear to defend myself because when I was a kid I was taught a zero tolerance policy to fighting even in self defense,tell a teacher. So even today I think defending myself is going to get me knocked down harder. I want to get rid of that fear,along with a general fear of confrontation.


Re: FREE LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIPS to those who can't afford tuition

Post by TooBro » Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:03 pm

I am MallCop and I am a bullshitter. This became apparent to me the more time I spent outside of the academy. In the real world it is rare when people actually hold me accountable to the bullshit I give off. After my first experiences with the academy I learned I had no order in my life, I speak waaaay to fucking fast, and it’s all in monotone. I am applying for a scholarship to help cut through my bullshit and find people to hold me to be better while building relationships. The more time I spent in the academy the more I began learning the principles of what it means to cut through that bullshit. I couldn’t do it then, BUT I know I will one day if I apply myself consistently. I began school shortly after joining the academy and realized the structure that was forced upon me slowly started placing SOME order in my life. It held me accountable, however, school work began to consume me and took up all of my time. IT was a mental and physical struggle as I tried to rebuild my life and I gave up on the academy one day after not being able to long in due to being banned for missing class. I became butt hurt and placed my focus and attention on all other aspects. I am applying here to see if the academy will take pity on my and allow me back in so I can train. I need to train. I want to train. I don’t want to continue living like a monotone mumbling guarded hipster. I want progress, and I want to hold myself accountable, but I still need others to help me cut through my bullshit.


Re: FREE LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIPS to those who can't afford tuition

Post by BallsOnFire » Sun Dec 13, 2015 9:45 am

hey there!

I want to join because I want to improve my social-competence. Whenever I talk to someone, they always appear to be more articulate, thinking on their feet and plain smarter. My speech is unclear, and whenever i'm not understood, I get infuriated. The academy is the perfect place to train these skills, and I want to take up the chance to change my life.


Re: FREE LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIPS to those who can't afford tuition

Post by milivojekg » Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:41 am

Hi my name is Milivoje. I have been registered here for over two years and haven't had the guts to ask for scholarship till now. I need you guys to help me. I fell like my life has no meaning to it.I fell bored, everything I do, I do it by forcing myself to do it. I never had a relationship with a woman. I never had a courage to approach and talk to a women before in a sexual way. I am obsessed with porn. There is a girl that works in bakery store, I`m seeing her every morning and I like her but have no guts to talk to her.When I think about it, and how I have no courage to talk to her or any other I fell like shit, like I am not worthy of anything. I only excel at my work and that is if don`t start thinking about sex and woman. That's my whole life. I live with my father and brother. My father was strict with as, and he only taught as what not to do. I need you guys to help my set myself strait and to start living my life.


Re: FREE LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIPS to those who can't afford tuition

Post by Skeletor » Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:17 pm

Right now i want to find a way to fix this bump on my knuckle ,to free myself up from that first and then i want to start training hard again and this time i want to speak up ,but right now my mind is just... i've never thought about anything this much in my life. The fact that i can't even write properly with a pen was the thing that really broke me down , cause i cant grab the pen properly. I mean everything else is in the shitter too ,but if i can think straight i can fix everything, i know i can fix it all, i think i still have time. The academy keeps me somewhat sane, and i need that, i need people to keep me somewhat sane right now

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Re: FREE LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIPS to those who can't afford tuition

Post by Info » Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:51 am

hello i'm 26 years old,and from germany.

i applied to the academy once (2 years ago) to get my life together,but due to a few reasons (depression,timidity and social anxiety for the most part) i didn't attend,even though you provided a free scholarship for me.

my life is lying in ruins right now,and i'm thinking about checking into a hospital because my depression is eating me alive,and i experienced the worst new years eve ever.

i read the ebook two times and watched every video you guys did,and because i liked a manhood acdemy facebook page a while ago i came across mutemil.....

mutemil became a real bro and techer to me,and i wrote for his BKC page.
now that mutemil came back to the academy it's the perfect time for me to apply again.

you are my only hope,i CAN'T go on without you,and i'm ready to ANYTHING to get my life together.

i'm the most desperate motherfucker on this earth,i need you.....

hereby i humbly apply.
over and out
social interaction is an interruption.

shape or be shaped.


Re: FREE LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIPS to those who can't afford tuition

Post by catman » Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:14 pm

I want to come back to the Academy. The thing that I am afraid the most in life is getting rejected. I have assumed in my head that every time I talk spontaneousöy to somebody I get rejected, so I won't initiate contact at all to save myself from potential humiliation. That's the core reason of why I can't fit into people. When I walk at the town I feel like I am a total creep. I wanna fit in with the hot chicks I see in high heels and miniskirts and kiss and cuddle and fuck them. I just wanna be a part of the society, not some stranger.
I want to get used to reacting to getting rejected, not being a coward and avoiding it all altogether.
I don't want to rely on being drunk to be with strangers, because alcohol just makes me to lose control and I ferl terrorizing regret next day, because I'll never know whether I have done something illegal while drunk.
Just make me a pm and let's organize an interview!

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