NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Feminism On MEN

Censored youtube videos that will sexually assault your brain. If you've never had your eyes raped, now is the time to take a sip of this virtual roofie concoction and let the good times roll.
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Re: NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Emasculation

Post by crangdaniel » Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:16 am

Norway recently withdrew all the funding to so called "gender studies" in scientific research much due to a documentary "hjernevask" (Brainwash) shown on National Tv NRK. It shines the light on how feminism do not hold up to science when faced with biology and psychology.

sweden still keeps up the gender fascism.

The show has English subtitles and should be seen and spread by anybody antifeminist and interested in the present nordic situation.

Just search " hjernevask english " on youtube.


Re: NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Emasculation

Post by Nightstorm2516 » Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:04 am

The problem I see is that this video just doesn't speak the truth, it shows you the undeniable truth.

Yet there is still many "dislikes" of the video. Therefor, it is pointless to try to get everyone to come to our side and see the truth for what it is. What really needs to be done is just get enough who will listen to have social change whether the dislikers agree or not.


Re: NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Emasculation

Post by SteelHardHawk » Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:04 am

These videos illustrate that women are not held accountable for what they say, or their actions, and that men are always held accountable. The accountability for men causes men to think in terms of action-leads-to-consequence. Women never form this reasoning to the same degree because they are rarely held accountable and generally to a lesser extent.


Re: NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Emasculation

Post by Strithor » Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:05 am

Seeing that one guy getting literally kicked in the head was absolutely disgusting. I can't believe people have been brainwashed so badly that they just let that happen to themselves.

If this video didn't have those handful of moments where those few select guys stood up for themselves, it would have had me completely raging.


Re: NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Emasculation

Post by Jso » Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:06 am

women are their own worst enemy, in more ways than one

aside from other women always being at each others throats for petty reasons, the non stop misandry is poisoning everyone else's perception of feminism and western "liberated and enlightened" women in the modern era. they are slowly corroding their own support with their toxic attitudes


Re: NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Emasculation

Post by -CRaSH- » Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:07 am

Hahahaha, when I was watching those videos I felt a combination of anger, pride, disgust, but, I did laugh.

It's amazing how hypocritical women are. Those videos highlighted female hypocrisy, in most, if not all of it's forms.

I'd also like to quote a comment from Henry Makow's 'Confessions of a liberated man: - Confessions of a Liberated Man
Laura said (December 22, 2009):

If you want to blame someone for the despicable predicament of Western (and some Asian and Hispanic) women today, please go to the nearest mirror and look into it. Women do not do anything dynamic, they are receptive beings at the core. THey do not present new ideas. And if it seems like they do, they are only reforming what men thought of first. Women are followers and want to belong to something greater than themselves. All women want this, even white women. Getting to my point: women did not start the Feminist movement, MEN did. Who turned over power to redundant institutions that took away men's power as leaders of their own families? Well, you guessed it, MEN. Who let the educational system become a Marxist gulag indoctrinating our children into feminism, homosexuality and multiculturalism? Wait for it...wait for it.......yes,MEN did.

So please stop whining, get up off your assess, and DO SOMETHING!!! We women are waiting for you to take back power from the Illuminist Juggernaut. I think there are many more women in the Patriot (and other similar) movements than you realize. We are here waiting to support you if only you would organize and take back what was once yours and now belongs to the Global Cabal."
You see, men are in the shit-hole that we are in today, because we allow it. We've allowed our country to disenfranchise us, we've allowed misandry to persist, and we've allowed women to act like the hypocritical entitled cunt-bitches that they are.

I don't look at this as a bastion for male freedom. But a gathering focal point for a male rebellion.

Were long past due for one.


Re: NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Emasculation

Post by Nammie7 » Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:13 pm

This is a really clever and well-made video. I can't relate to it that much, maybe because I've never been to America, but if things are that bad there it's worrying.

Great and well-made video, I loved it, I'm female. Not seen things this extreme but I've not visited America. Men are necessary and we need strong gender divides to survive!

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Re: NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Emasculation

Post by Spirit » Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:50 pm

The effects of emasculation can be seen all over the world, not only in America.

Look, I'm from Brazil, and recently in a reality show, the case of a girl who and had sex with a guy when she was utterly drunk went viral over the media, and in less than 24 hours the productors chose to expel him from the show, and keep her. Now, while he's being charged with sexual assault on the court and with his model career threatened, the "poor" girl is still joining the show for the R$ 1 million prize and a photo session for some men's magazines out there (not an official prize, but almost every women who joins a reality show does it when it ends).

This is what happens when feminists and manginas are in charge of the society.


Re: NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Emasculation

Post by yatah » Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:45 am

08:32 "Oh. That's not very traditional" Because going out on dozens of dates per month really is.

Stupid cunt.


Re: NEW MOVIE! The Effects of Emasculation

Post by recoil88 » Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:26 pm

As a generally 'nice guy' I don't want to have to agree with this video, but if we're going to have equality, we have to be playing on an even playing field, it sucks being constantly vilified.

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