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Feel free to grade our work. Don't hold back the butthurt. Also hear from children around the world who've had their lives UNFUCKED by the academy!
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Magnificent site

Post by Info » Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:04 am

Just to say your site is impressive, magnificent and good for me.
This is a real moment of civilization breakdown because of feminism and broken families - that produce a broken society.
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Our goal isn't just to educate men like you, but to train you as well! We want you to do more than just stand up against systematic feminist brainwashing. We want you to have a GOOD LIFE! Teaching you how to put a bitch in check isn't just for petty revenge. It's so you can have a great relationship with her!

Our goal is to make you comfortable in your own skin so both men and women will want to be part of your life. In other words, we're not just here to expose a problem with society. We're really here to teach you how to re-invent society, so you'll actually enjoy talking to people instead of avoiding them!
social interaction is an interruption.

shape or be shaped.

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