Cowardly "sex positive" feminist EXPOSED

Feel free to grade our work. Don't hold back the butthurt. Also hear from children around the world who've had their lives UNFUCKED by the academy!
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Cowardly "sex positive" feminist EXPOSED

Post by Info » Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:09 am

I want to interview you over webcam to get your thoughts on feminism and relationships!

As with all our interviews, I will keep you strictly anonymous so you can be free to speak your mind. I only record the audio and distort the voices so you’re protected. I've interviewed all types of women from porn star Mercedes Carrera to MRA activist Karen Straughan to every day girls on the street. If you want to see any of the other interviews I can show you samples. otherwise, I'd love to do it!
I'll think about it. I love Mercedes Carrera - she's one of the reasons why I plan to become a pornstar! Aren't you a conservative slut shamer, though? I've read about Manhood 101 - I'm assuming you're the main guy. Well, you should know that I'm anti-slut shaming, a libertarian, and a proud slut. :)
you SHOULD feel ashamed since you're letting me dictate what you do.

If I try to shame you and you feel ashamed it's only because the shoe fits you!

If however I try to shame you and you do not feel ashamed, that speaks to your credit that you rightly are able to give a rational account for your position.

Your childish attitude betrays your fraudulent position because you're admitting that the security of your own views depends on MY judgement, not your own judgement. If you views are that weak and susceptible to influence, maybe you should consider whether your views have any credibility to begin with

So when you claim to be a "proud" slut, you're lying. A truly proud slut would have nothing to be ashamed of. a truly proud slut would have no qualms about giving an interview, even to a critic who doesn't agree with you. You obviously have a LOT of shame you're interested in dodging.  :D3
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