Aren't you guys just like "pickup artists"?

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Aren't you guys just like "pickup artists"?

Post by Info » Wed Jan 13, 2016 9:58 am


You talk a lot about how the PUA community are scam artists. I agree that they are, but I see a lot of similarities between your teachings and theirs. In particular, the PUA group, RSD (

You teach men to express their real thought and reveal their feeling behind it. This is similar to RSD's concept of "congruence". They explain it as your thoughts, words and actions should be aligned. If you feel a certain way, you shouldn't resist it, but express it verbally and physically.

Not only that, but you also teach men to tell people what you want. RSD refers to that as "being clear in your intent". They explain this as if you're interested in a girl, you should approach and express your sexual desire for her instead of asking for directions or time, etc.

It's clear there are similiaries with the principles you both teach. But it's also clear you teach them in different ways. You're not charging 2k for a class, but they are. You're not filling their heads with an overload of theoretical terminology and bullshit, but they are. I can understand you shitting on their TEACHING METHODS, but do you disagree with their similar teachings?

RSD teaches techniques. This is why they have so many convoluted philosophies infecting their brains.

Proper application of a principle clarifies it. What they have is a lot of improper application of a valid principle which just leads to distortion of the original principle. Even the way they teach it reveals they don't understand it. If you think you can learn how to socialize in a $5000+ weekend course, you have no business teaching social interaction.

This of course is also why they don't allow criticism of their teaching. They will delete bad reviews from their sites. They will not allow groups like ours to critique their instructors for good reason. They have a vested interested in making money off of naive guys who don't know any better. That's their business model.
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