It's tough being a MAN video response

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It's tough being a MAN video response

Post by Goat-City » Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:17 pm

Professor wrote:
It's tough being a man

Amazing video, Professor. Wow, just so utterly beautiful and moving in how true it is that I got goosebumps. We live in a world where evil has won in every country, but there's still hope to improve our own lives and the lives of others with such beautiful, selfless places like Manhood 101 and righteous men who fight for what's good! Thank God I was able stumble across this great learning center a couple of years ago; it's really helped me to refine and expand the ideas I've developed about the world throughout my life.

I especially needed this video after what happened to me last night. I got into a fierce argument with my 30 year old, neurotic, suppressed, freeloading brother. He's 11 years older than me, still living with my dad, still has no job, still has not a single functional relationship to his name, still a prime, pitiful example of what happens to people when they're raised with no social training, no male authority figure, and no knowledge of how to get his social needs and expectations met. I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't such an insufferable, cowardly, monotone vegetable. I won't get into the specifics of what we were arguing about, but basically it started with me calmly confronting and questioning him on something that was clearly illogical and unjust regarding his judgement and his expectations of me that were based on ignorance. How does the faggot respond? He has a temper tantrum, starts yelling over me to censor my criticism to protect his feelings, invades my personal space and threatens to attack me to try to scare me into submission, completely refuses to acknowledge or hear any logic against him, calls me a faggot and a bitch with no substance to back the names up, etc.

This all stems from the dysfunctional foundation my sad excuse for a family was built on 35 years ago between my parents. My mother is a good, kind, loveable, feminine woman at heart. Not a bad person at all, but she is still a woman at the end of the day: A revoltingly irresponsible retard who rationalizes based on her feelings and her disgusting selfishness who's caused this family, and especially me, immeasurable trauma by not having a male authority figure to put her in her female role in the relationship.

As for my dad, my dad is a great, highly intelligent man who has helped me so much in my life, has loved me unconditionally always, and has been the only long term, consistently decent relationship I've ever had that hasn't been destroyed in the last year and a half. The problem? Well, because he never had anyone to teach him how to properly govern his relationships, he allowed my mom to make irrational demands by trying to reason with her and being passive with her, not instilling any responsibilities in his 3 sons, and not teaching us how to succeed socially by correcting our social mistakes, so as a result, my mom divorced him when I was 3 years old, thus breaking the family apart, which led to her re-marrying to a disgusting, cock sucking roach of a man whom I was forced to live with for close to 10 years, thus filling my life with drama and turmoil and ruining all chances of me forming relationships with even my own fucking BROTHERS, people you should be guaranteed to be able to confide in and socialize with! THIS is the pure evil and sadness that has been brought on the world by feminism. Even a family started by 2 fundamentally good people can easily turn to complete garbage and shit thanks to the mass spreading of lies, propaganda, and extreme liberalism over the decades

Anyways, thank you so much for your amazing work here, Professor, in helping people like me discover the basic principles behind the problems in our lives so we can take the steps needed to improve them. I wish I could join the academy immediately, but I just can't considering the conditions I'm living in and the people I'm living with. I told you this before on youtube in the comments, my username is TheTurtleVillage, you replied to one of them a few days ago. There's a lot more on my mind, a lot of questions I need answered, a lot of ideas I need to refine with scrutiny, and a lot of unique experiences I can share that might inspire some of the students, but as long as I'm here I can't become a student myself. All I can do is post on this forum, but activity here is dead so it's not much use if I can't get any responses. Once I start going to college and working I'm sure I'll find a way to get some private setting I can use to talk with a webcam, I just need to get out of this rut of inaction and demotivation I'm stuck in right now.

And don't think that my life is worse than it is based on all this text. I'm actually pretty happy right now because I'm confident that things will get better because I know how to make things better. I'm just further pointing out how disasterous feminism is to families and good natured, intelligent people who just don't know any better. That's why I can forgive my dad even though his lack of responsibility has destroyed my family, because like you said in this video, feminism is not his fault, he's just as much a victim as me and my brothers are.

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Re: It's tough being a MAN video response

Post by Info » Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:29 pm

Goat-City wrote:All I can do is post on this forum, but activity here is dead so it's not much use if I can't get any responses.
Activity here isn't dead. We are NOT a dead posting forum. We are a LIVING student body. That's why 99% of our activity happens in our LIVE webcam classes. While our posts serve to educate the public and share our experiences in a passive way, the students here are learning to ACTIVELY convey their thoughts to govern their real life relationships.

And there's no such thing as "can" or "can't"... You really mean "will" or "won't". :goodjob:
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