Translation for the e-book

Feel free to grade our work. Don't hold back the butthurt. Also hear from children around the world who've had their lives UNFUCKED by the academy!
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Translation for the e-book

Post by Info » Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:23 am

Greetings Manhood 101!

My name is J and I have been able to unfuck my life over the last 15 months thanks to the e-book. All of my social problems are gone now. I do not know how to thank you for this. My WHOLE life changed, formerly I was the underdog and now all of my friends look up to me and respect my authority. The situation with the ladies improved as well. Just by employing a candid expression and punishing and rewarding correctly I have been able to incite attraction in almost every women I met over the past few months. Still I do not fuckin understand how you guys from MA are the only ones who correctly discovered all of those principles. No professional psychologist, no scientist, no average Joe, NOT a single fucking person from todays world (except you) came up with the same ideas although they are so simple and logical.

This is why I as a man am obligated to spread the word and help others unfuck their lives to. Here in Germany the situation is just as bad as in America. Just spreading the e-book is not enough since most of my fellow germans do not poses adequate english skills. For this reason I want to translate the e-book into German. I got the necessary skills for this task, so all I need is your acceptance.

That is awesome to hear! We look forward to seeing your work!
Perfect! I already translated 6 pages. It's a tough task and it will take a few weeks to finish, but I'll let you keep track with my progress.
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