About your "Fuck God" video...

Feel free to grade our work. Don't hold back the butthurt. Also hear from children around the world who've had their lives UNFUCKED by the academy!
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About your "Fuck God" video...

Post by Info » Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:02 pm

I downloaded this and converted it to MP3 to listen to while working. It was tough to listen to watermelonboy (or Honky or whatever his name is) getting corrected. He sounded so ballsy at first- I could listen to him! I believed him when he talked about his nightmares, and God telling him his mission was to tell the truth. Then you, Professor, revealed him to be so full of crap. He says God wants him to tell the truth- then you poke and prod him and it turns out he doesn't even know what truth God wants him to say! I was stunned- I would never have caught onto him like that, but I still delude myself thinking I'm a smart religious person. I KNOW I have delusional bull crap JUST LIKE HIS that I hold to right now that could almost certainly only be exposed by someone like you.

I'll give watermelonboy props for staying in spite of his frustration- but the pain, the embarrassment, the frustration, it scares me to death. I've been in a few classes where I trained and revealed my thought and my feeling. It feels good, but there's always only a few instances of me actually doing that, whereas there's ten-thousand crushing failures leading up to it. It takes its toll. It makes me think it's not worth it. I've thought about coming back to MHA because I know I could benefit from scrutiny like that. It's one thing to join because I'm desperate for a girlfriend, but I know I have more issues than that, and nobody in my life could confront them the way Manhood 101 scrutiny would. I've come close to joining again, and I keep refusing to. I actually tried hitting on a chick through Facebook, and I actually pulled up your e-book like it was a box of cue cards for examples of what I should say, as if that's how I'd actually make a relationship with a chick work. Unsurprisingly, it didn't work, and I'm lonely and horny as ever.

Then I think about Manhood 101 classes, and I get all conflicted- maybe I SHOULD return. I know I should join, but I know my emotional capacity for correction is smaller now than it was before I even found the academy. I keep thinking there's no point- I'll just leave again after a class or two. I was scared even bringing Lord GreyWhether to debate you, because I feared the eyes of scrutiny turning back on me again. "I" was scared, and I wasn't even your opponent!

I want you to tell me I'm cool or thoughtful for realizing this. I want a pat on the back for admitting that I should show up and train and for being honest about my need to be corrected. But I don't want to train to earn that. I'm too fucking scared to even step foot in your public webcam chatroom. My endurance level is non-existent. I'm scared typing this even now I fear your correction so much- god dammmit, I need some kind of push to get me back into class, but I don't want to be so terrified at the same time!

I know the first step of the solution. I just gotta show up. I know what I have to do. But I can't. Fuck me. Fuck my life.
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