SCAM ALERT: "Quality Offer for Your Guys - 100% Commission for You"

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SCAM ALERT: "Quality Offer for Your Guys - 100% Commission for You"

Post by Info » Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:50 am

Hi Manhood 101 Team,

First of all, love your site name and email handle!! =)

Second, I'll get right to it: I have a new offer for the men's dating/relationship niche called Attract and Keep Her that I think might be a good fit for your audience.

(Download the Attract and Keep Her System and all of the main bonuses clients get here OR see attached for the main book...if you want to see the actual download page that clients will see, let me know).

Because we are in the process of growing aggressively at the moment, if you decide to send the offer to your list, we will pay you 100% of the profit on the front-end offer (about $42.48 per sale, depending on currency used).

If you are already a ClickBank affiliate, the system is already set up to pay out 75% commission on the front-end offer. We will pay you the rest via PayPal (or if you have an easy alternative, we can work with you on that).

You will also still get 75% commission on the automatic one-click upsell.

If you're not a ClickBank affiliate, we can arrange to pay you vial PayPal as well. Let us know if that's the case and we will set it all up for you.

We created the video sales letter for this product with the help of the top video sales letter copywriter in the world: Jon Benson.

Click here to view the main Video Sales Letter Page

Hop Link (ClickBank affiliate link):

Click here to access the Affiliate Program page

And, we are running an affiliate contest right now also. Details are on the affiliate page.

Let me know if you have any questions, have any other ideas about how we might work together, or need anything else.


Jim Wolfe

:wanker: :wanker: :wanker: :wanker: :wanker: :wanker: :wanker: :wanker: :wanker: :wanker: :wanker:

Jim, are you sure you contacted the right site???

Our website is dedicated to EXPOSING bullshit scams like yours, not pawning them off as legitimate offers to our community of men around the world. We already teach men how to attract women THE RIGHT WAY. Why would we ever go backwards???
Wow, you clearly didn't read my system, which I certainly wouldn't expect at this point as I'm sure you're busy.

Maybe you just don't like video sales letters? I made one simply to sell more copies of my system that has already helped men all over the world and is most definitely not a scam. I'm sure you know how much work, research, testing, etc. goes into making a program that actually works based on reality. For me it took 12 years to develop.

I sincerely hope you have an excellent day.


Actually we did read it. It's the same garbage that the PUA community is putting out:
As ironic as it sounds coming from a book about how to attract and keep your ideal women, the first thing to do is stop trying so hard to get women. The less you need, the more you’ll get. And it’s not in a defensive, “I don’t need a woman to be happy!” kind of way. It’s more like, “I love myself and my life so much that even though I really want her I will also be completely fine if it doesn’t work out with her.” That’s the golden attitude that will get you maximum results.
This is called lying.
Here’s the truth: you already have the quality of attractiveness. You don’t have to do anything more to get it and you don’t have to prove it to yourself or anyone else. Remember, oak trees grow from tiny seeds. Your belief in your attractiveness is just like a muscle that we can train until it gets bigger no matter how small it is to begin with. All you have to do is start where you are now and grow it.
When you start to believe that you’re attractive, even just a little bit, it starts to influence your behaviors and habits. Then, you’ll actually become more attractive in your real life. Then, your belief gets even stronger and the cycle keeps going.
This is called "wishful thinking."
1. Accept yourself completely exactly as you are right now. There’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need a better body, a better car, a better house, a promotion, more women, or more stuff. You can pursue those things if you want, but you’re good enough already. You never have to prove yourself or convince anyone of your value. It’s just there.
This is absurd bullshit.
2. Remove judgement. If you stop judging other people, it will also help you accept yourself. Don’t worry about what other people are doing wrong in their lives. If you have advice for someone else, apply it to your own life instead. Focus only on yourself as you learn and grow.
This is comical bullshit.
3. Increase your self-worth. Who determines your value as a man? Your culture doesn’t, your family doesn’t, your friends don’t, and women don’t. From now on, you do. The most successful men believe in their own value unconditionally. Self-worth isn’t something you earn; it’s something that you CLAIM (you can claim it right now). Self-worth isn’t the same thing as cockiness or narcissism because you’re not saying that you’re better than anyone else. It’s just that, in your reality, you’ve decided that you’re awesome. “I’m not better or worse than anyone else; I’m just awesome.”
This is laughably bad.
The interesting thing about validation is that you give it to yourself no matter what. Even if it appears that the external world is validating you, you just decided that because of some external stimulus or outcome you deserved to feel validated, so you let yourself feel that validation. So now you can consistently validate yourself and make yourself feel good. When you recognize your value and reinforce it by validating yourself, your self-worth becomes real value that you can share with the women you date and everyone else you meet.
This is embarrassingly bad.
Her love is always conditional, so it’s your job to love yourself unconditionally. This might sound strange, but one really good way to practice self-love is to look yourself in the mirror (look at yourself in the eye) and say, “I love you.”
This is uncomfortably bad.

You get the idea.

We've been at this for YEARS, teaching men how to socialize. This isn't our first rodeo. We've been debunking these silly claims for as long as we've been around. That's why guys in your line of work hate us. They hate that we are willing to have the debate that they cower from.

Our work stands above the rest BECAUSE we invite criticism. Not because we make excuses for our work. Our commitment is to MEN, not to scam artists looking to make a quick buck off of their naivety.

And as for your "research and testing" we call BULLSHIT.
:barfy: :barfy: :barfy: :barfy:

Of course you're welcome to prove us wrong in a live webcam debate. But we both know you lack the requisite BRAINS, BALLS, & the ability to tell the TRUTH.
social interaction is an interruption.

shape or be shaped.

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