Mansion (former student) accuses the academy of scamming students

Feel free to grade our work. Don't hold back the butthurt. Also hear from children around the world who've had their lives UNFUCKED by the academy!
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Mansion (former student) accuses the academy of scamming students

Post by Info » Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:02 pm

mansion's accusation all stems from his last class here:

mansion wrote:do me a solid and tell chaiwalla to die. I would pay 200/month for a chaiwalla free academy. I think a lot of students would. It makes total business sense.
nope . now your fee is $300. [the normal student fee is $21/month. we know $300/mo is too high for mansion and that's the point. this is called the "fuck off" fee]
mansion wrote:make chaiwalla pay it, he's fucking me over.
i agree. he did fuck you over in class. but you want to use chiwalla as an EXCUSE for your own cowardice.

you WRECKED my class (see podcast above). YOU pay for it.
mansion wrote:He needs to pay. And the truth is, he gave his opinion, but you lied. He gave his opinion, but you DON'T want him in your house. You made it sound like you are best buds.
as you can hear in the podcast, an "opinion" must include the WHY--the justification behind the opinion. the justification tells the audience about YOU. without the justification there is only a POSITION statement--an EMPTY CLAIM. without the disposition statement (without telling WHY you have that position/view/standard), nobody is moved to care about YOU.
mansion wrote:lol, you DON'T want him in your house. But you told everyone that you liked him now. But not enough to have him in your house I'm assuming. Why don't you just invite him over? Maybe I'll text chaiwalla and let him know that you want him over at your house, because you like him now. Be sure to read this email to him.
"But you told everyone you liked him now." ....keyword: NOW

AFTER he told me his OPINION, i liked him. that is recorded in the podcast as well; when students tell me their opinion, RIGHT NOW (meaning the moment right after they tell me their opinion), i inform them that their opinion causes me to like them "NOW". you can find other examples in our past recorded classes of me saying the EXACT SAME THING to chiawalla as well as to other students.

i've also reminded students that when they STOP giving me their opinion and return to their old way of so-called communicating (the reason you're attending here in the first place), i immediately STOP liking them. "NOW".

the point is that i love their OPINIONS not their BULLSHIT. their opinion represents WHO THEY ARE and their bullshit represents what they think i want to hear instead of what they actually want to say.

just like when you gave your opinion in the past, i liked you IN THE PAST.

and when you act like a maniac in class (see podcast above) and destroy it for EVERYONE, i HATE you "NOW."

are you trying to imply i should permanently hate you or like you REGARDLESS of what you're doing right "NOW"??? :wanker:
mansion wrote:Professor: are you and chiawalla fucking? You have the biggest hard on for that guy, are you guys dating? When did you guys first make out? Have I been learning socializing from a homosexual??? gross. Did you catch or pitch with chiawalla? lol
mansion wrote:are you and chiawalla fucking? You have the biggest hard on for that guy, are you guys dating? When did you guys first make out? Have I been learning socializing from a homosexual??? gross. Did you catch or pitch with chiawalla? lol
mansion wrote:I'm preparing myself for a debate with you, professor. Main contention: Manhood 101 does not work.

I'll let you know when I'm ready.
you will have to pay $300 to debate me. i'm not letting you waste my time again. [readers will note i obviously NEVER charge critics to debate me and never have in the entire history of the academy debates. but this guy is such a lowlife piece of shit liar that i would only debate him if he paid me. also note, this piece of shit started posting dismembered body pics in our chatroom to illustrate his desire for chaiwalla to die. yeah. we got the point the first 500,000,000 times you said it in the podcast above! oh you think i'm JOKING??? you think he only said it 3 or 4 times? i fucking DARE ANYBODY to count the number of times he repeated "i want chaiwalla to die!" just so he could avoid giving his real opinion--the entire reason he's paying to attend here in the first fucking place!..oh and you can add in the countless times he typed it in the chat after he got muted :wanker: ]
mansion wrote:Lol your censoring me. I'm winning!

[this is the point where mansion contacts Paypal to get a refund. he leaves this cute little note to through Paypal's dispute resolution system]
mansion wrote:If you think I'm going to be that way when we debate then you're fucking retarded. The truth is, you can't teach. You can't teach for shit.
you may be right on this point! you are the evidence of that. this is probably your strongest point. the only rebuttal i can offer you is something that another student once said:

The critics were right about what exactly?

That this place you built:

Is a money making scheme? You denied this allegation yourself!
Is just a rebranded PUA scam? WRONG!
Is a he-man women haters club? WRONG!
Is just a troll site for shits and giggles? WRONG!
Is secretly run by feminists to discredit the great Men's rights movement? WRONG!
Is just a satire? WRONG!
Promotes rape? WRONG!
Is full of racist rednecks? WRONG!
Is for you to let out your frustrations? WRONG!
Advocates violence? WRONG!
Consists of just you making multiple accounts and talking to yourself? WRONG!

Right about what?

That the ebook is wrong? The principles you talk about don't exist? Feminism is the way to go?

Right about what?

That you are a virgin living in your mommy's basement with a chipmunk voice? That you challenge people to debates just so you can shout at them and feel manly?

Right about what?

That I shouldn't be paying $21/month to you? That I am just a gullible little bitch of yours?

And who are they to decide?

I as a student at the academy I know with absolute certainty that the accusations of the critics, few of which I have listed above, are completely baseless and so retarded that I get down syndrome just by reading them. I know the critics are talking straight out of their asshole. What they deem fit or unfit regarding this place isn't worthy of me paying attention to.

And who exactly are these critics anyways?

Feminists, MRAs MGTOWS and guys who obsess over random people on the internet just to get a couple of laughs out of it.

Feminists who are too busy wasting their money on cat food since they got 100 of them to feed.

MRAs who are too busy jerking off to each other's "feminists are mean" stories.

MGTOWS who are too busy telling themselves they don't need women while jerking off to porn 24/7. Scared little bitches who live in a paranoia-filled world where they are going to get a false rape accusation the moment they look at a women in public. That's not how I want my life to be.

VOAT & Kiwi Farms faggots who are too busy laughing at other people's shortcomings to realize what a pathetic state they are in.

These losers are going to tell me where to spend my money? They are going to teach me about life?

Let's get this out of the way first. Yes professor, I too would have failed the test you subjected the students to in this class.

I can't say what I want without a cadence in my voice. I can't say what I want and say it definitely. I can't say what I want without having a copout plan in case the other party is offended. I can't say what I want without being worried of how the people will perceive it.

This is the part where you would say "huh look critics you are right again. This is the guy who has been here for ages and can't even say what he wants."

But I can't let you pass this remark quite that easily.

The critics have no clue what "saying what you want" means in YOUR terms.


I am pretty sure the critics would think they themselves say what they want all the time and laugh at us students for not being able to do so.

The reality is that the critics themselves can't say what they want as per your standard. It's evident by the fact that the vast majority of the critics never agree to debate and stand up to public scrutiny. And the few critics we did get on debates were full of bullshit and walking on egg shells. They were never able to make one simple straight forward statement. They sounded like every Manhood 101 student on his first day.

The vast majority of people on this planet can't say what they want per your standard, professor. Rich niggas can't say what they want, popular sports stars can't say what they want, majority of the people I come in contact with in my day to day life can't say what they want, Putin can't say what he wants, heck the president of the United States can't say what he wants.

Hence I feel you cheated just to prove that the critics are right. That the students haven't learnt anything and are just wasting their money. In this class you put the students on the spot, gave them one of the toughest questions possible, watched them crash and burn and finally patted the critics on the back. All while we know the critics themselves can't say what they want.

For you, talking in public to others in a monotone voice might feel like the most retarded thing to do. But for me the fact that I am able to open my mouth in public feels like being able to walk again after being a paraplegic my whole life. Albeit I might not be able to walk perfectly, I might limp or require sticks but still to me it feels like getting a new life.

To you getting out of the house might be the most natural thing to do but for me it feels like being able to see after being blind my whole life. To me, my whole world changed.

I don't consider paying you $21 based on asking myself, "can I say what I want?" My main focus is how far I have come no matter how little that might be to you. I consider where I might have been had I not come in contact with you. I consider where I would have been had I listened to one of the critics.

Would I have been in the feminist camp? White knighting all over the internet, catering to women in real life and just being a straight out mangina. Shouting equality while assuming it's my natural obligation to buy a woman a drink, open the door for her and pay on the date.

Would I have been with the MRA's? Worshiping Paul Elam's dick and whining about feminists all day long. Making videos with my buddies and telling feminists that they "don't get to suck our dicks!"

Would I have been a MGTOW locked up in my room making videos all day long about how I don't need women. Would I have been high fiving other MGTOW's and telling my brethren to be strong and not to fall for the pussy trap all while I beat off to porn 5 times a day? Would I have been too afraid to go out of my house cause I might get charged with rape?

Would I have been locked up in the PUA world looking for the latest gimmick, watching video after video on how to be a pussy magnet, only to end up being a dancing monkey with fucked up views? End up being even more notorious and micromanaging my every action cause I "gotta be ALPHA bro."

Would I have ended up on sites like Kiwi Farms? Would my life revolve around making fun of people on the internet all day long?

Would I have been obsessed over my looks? Going to a gym every day to get buff. Trying new workout routines because the muscles aren't getting as big as I wish them to be. Wasting dollar after dollar on protein shakes, cool haircuts and stylish clothes, just to get attention from girls?

Would I have been my old self, not even able to speak in a monotone in public? Standing there like a serial killer with my mouth shut and eyes wide open. Not wanting to bother anyone and not wanting to be bothered with. Would I have been passing through life not caring whether I live or die? Would I have ended up shooting at people out of frustration and a desperate attempt to gain attention?

At the moment, I might not be fully content with my social life but the only thing in the whole world that gives me hope in this regard is this place right here. Not the critics and their fucked up views.

Hence professor, between the critics and you, without hesitation I chose you.

As long as I can afford it I will pay my $21 without second guessing. These $21 saved me from wasting my money on protein shakes, girls, PUA bullshit and countless visits to the shopping mall.

You occasionally tell some of the more desperate students to save up the money they give you and spend it on hookers instead. But getting a hooker is like buying a fish while by spending the money at the academy I am hopeful to keep this institute alive because here I will learn how to fish and how to set sail.
these are MrCareBear's words, not mine. you can take them however you wish.

.....BUT to a certain extent, i do agree with your criticism; i know how to socialize, but i don't know how to convey that knowledge to you or anyone else without offending them, without discouraging them, without making them ragequit, without bruising their self-esteem. i don't know how to do it. all i know how to do is tell people exactly what i do to get the results i've gotten. and then inform them if they're not doing it correctly. if you have a better idea, i'm all ears.
No students have graduated, and I'm going to point that out.
why would you point that out when we've ALREADY pointed that out in i don't know how many other podcasts? :wanker:

the idea of "graduation" was a joke from the very start. you don't 'graduate' from socializing, you utter fucking moron. in fact, if you were to 'graduate' from here, that would mean you knew how to make successful relationships, which in turn would mean that the students would like you and respect you, which would mean that you wouldn't want to leave them. you'd want to continue having a good time with them. you would look forward to coming to the academy just like you look forward to going to a girlfriend's house or hanging out good buddies. the academy would no longer be a classroom to you. it would become what is was always meant to be--a REFUGE from BULLSHIT. a "safe space" for bros who were lonely and wanted to hang out with other bros and have fun, go hiking, go on road trips, talk about problems, help find employment, etc.... a place where you could coordinate with other students to hang out in real life (as many of us have already done).

so when you talk about "graduation," what you really mean is you came here for a few social tips so you could learn them, and then split--you thought we created this place to teach you a couple of faggot pickup artist routines. that's how fucking delusional and clueless you really are. you're so fucking stupid you don't even realize we have an entire thread exposing the Pickup Artist scam.
You don't want people to know that. You don't want people to know that this place is a sham and has been taking people's money for years, and not getting anyone closer to getting laid.
our goal is NOT to get you laid. if that's your only goal, there are many other places that teach you how to do that. in fact you could save up your tuition money you waste here refusing to train and just go buy a hooker.

no, getting 'laid' is only a SIDE BENEFIT of learning how to socialize correctly. the REAL benefit is that you're FINALLY comfortable in your own skin around people and people FINALLY want to hang out with you and enjoy your company. getting laid is the goal of clueless virgins and social shut-ins. that's like saying the goal of life is to eat food.

but then again, this is also why your personal goal is to have a 3some. you're STARVING for sex because NOBODY--ESPECIALLY A GIRL--wants to be around you. you're like a starving child in Africa who can't think about a job, or a family, or future employment, or anything really. the only thing on your mind is food. i can relate. at one point in my life, when i didn't know how to make people like me, i too was fixated on 'getting laid'. i started from that same loser mentality as you because i was starving and thirsty just like you.
You are similar to pickup artists and their teachings.
the pickup artist philosophy is YOUR philosophy already: do whatever it takes to get laid.

our philosophy is: socialize correctly, and then you'll have the meaningful relationships you're really looking for. getting laid is just ONE of MANY side benefits.

and we know our philosophy is distinctly DIFFERENT from pickup artists because they've BANNED us from many of their forums exactly BECAUSE we've criticized their pickup artist scams. in fact, one of the largest pickup artist groups in the world blamed us for causing their scam to go extinct.
I don't want to give you a single dollar more.
i'm pretty sure we already kicked YOU out yesterday, not vise versa. :wanker:
we'll be quite happy to NEVER see you again. :magic:
In fact, I want my 100 dollars back that I paid you last month.
hey dumbass, you already made it a paypal dispute. it's in their hands now. the good news is: 95% of the time Paypal sides with the buyer (you) not the seller (us). so there's a great chance you'll get it back! keep your chin up! :drinks:
I showed up and you didn't do shit for me.
no, you didn't just show up. YOU FUCKED OVER EVERYONE IN CLASS. the evidence is right up there in the podcast above for all the world to see--the same podcast we already posted PUBLICLY, the same podcast you claim we're trying to hide, so we can continue our so-called moneymaking scam. :wanker:
I'm one of the students that is no closer to getting laid then when I started.
oh really? that's funny because there ARE students (off the top of my head: Dr. LeDice, Dick Van Dyke, paranoia, Cuckolder, isolater, Mexidence, Genius, A-Team, Chaiwalla, ) who HAVE gotten "laid" (again, not our GOAL here, only a SIDE BENEFIT).. and their stories are even recorded in podcasts--the same podcasts you CHRONICALLY FAIL to even bother listening to you, you fucking moron.
You run a sham factory.
STILL WAITING for you to prove it. :shrugs:
The students don't realize that you don't know what you are teaching, and that you are USING them for a big research project.
i'll be more than happy to let them know all of this when we discuss it in tonight's class :idea2: .. and we'll definitely be posting the student's opinions PUBLICLY AGAIN, so you can hear what they have to say about your fucktard claims. oh wait.. i forgot, you don't even listen to the podcasts. :wanker:
You are using them to design your school, your not using them to teach them much.
oh so now i'm designing professor xavier's school for gifted mutants! i'm go glad you're here to inform me of my evil plot even before i'm aware of it myself! :wanker:
Credit me back my 100 dollars that YOU wasted for me, lying to me. It's not YOUR fault i'm not progressing and graduating, not MY fault.
oh really? i think the podcast above PROVES OTHERWISE! since you're too much of a bitchass faggot coward to debate this out in the open, i guess we're just have to let the entire world be the judge! :idea2:
Credit my back my 100 dollars through paypal.You've taken so much money from people over the years. Do you ever think about that?
yeah. i do. all the time... and i usually think: why aren't i being paid MORE???? ....why am i just a nice guy faggot offering free scholarships to losers like you who don't deserve it or even appreciate it!
Are you OK taking peoples money that they earned, and giving them nothing in return?

Give me back my 100 dollars that YOU didn't earn, that you bamboozled out of me.

don't worry. your daddy, Paypal, is taking care of that issue right now!
You take our hope, and give us nothing.
speak for yourself! a A LYING FAGGOT PIECE OF SHIT COWARD LIKE YOU does not DESERVE to speak for other students. :naughty:

oh btw, it's also funny because AFTER you opened the Paypal dispute, i challenged you to debate in front of all the students, and the terms were: the STUDENTS get to decide who is right. if i'm right, you lose your $100 dollars. if you're right, you get your $100 back and i would have to pay you an ADDITIONAL $100 for losing the debate. and of course you BACKED OUT LIKE A SCARED FAGGOT LOL! :wanker:

guess you're just not as honest as you claim. who knew. :D3
social interaction is an interruption.

shape or be shaped.

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