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Honky's Bar Night

Post by FruityNigger » Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:26 pm

Inspired by swedish pussy slayer Deciever.

The Academy brings you:

Honky's Bar Night

A place where real niggas come to lay their head when they're tired of all the fake shit. We've got you covered. Now SIT yo punk ass down and relax. But no drinks. Drinks are for fags. -Honky 2015



Re: Honky's Neighborhood

Post by FruityNigger » Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:32 pm

For all you niggas out there who know what good anime is aka Dragonball Z, i got a special treat for you niggas. OHHHHHH SHIT.


But the problem is...youtube is full of a bunch of haters who want you to pay for something priceless. Well... i haven't even watched the movie yet but it's DBZ so it has to be good. This video will be up for a limited time only guaranteed. The youtube police are on their way as we speak.

You know what to do...

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Re: Honky's Neighborhood

Post by Deceiver » Tue Nov 10, 2015 12:52 pm

Damm dawg, seems like the youtube police already got that shit locked down. :'(

DBZ used to be one of my favourite anime's growing up, along with Pokemon.
That shit got me hyped as fuck, i remember reacting all the shit i saw in the episodes on the playground.
I had my own supersayain squad full of savages lmao. :D

I stopped fucking with it after the Majiun buu saga though.
If they only made more anime's like this..

Good o'll times. :puppycrying:

Ps I'm dutch nigga, not swedish. :handgestures-fingerscrossed:
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Re: Honky's Bar Night

Post by FruityNigger » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:06 am

*Watch, then read, or you'll have no clue what i'm talking about*

Funny thing about this video is that midway through it i was like "hm....alright, white dude is penalized for being straight, cis-gendered blah blah blah, and the white girl gets points for being a woman....alright."

I wasn't even mad. I figure if classrooms literally turn into PC brigades i wouldn't have a problem with it. I really don't care. Because it wouldn't affect me in anyway that would make me want to rage. Actually no, it's not because they wouldn't affect me. It's because i'm starting to realize i can say the things i want to say, i just have to deal with the responses.

In a fakeout earlier in the night i told Butterskin, a student at the academy, that sometimes i feel like i need alone time because all of the problems exposed in me at this academy stressed me out. I'm telling Butterskin what I'm thinking, and trailer trash( another student) makes some shitty joke trying to ridicule what i said, he was trying to imply i was being over-dramatic.

Now if it were just me and him in a classroom before the academy and he said this to me, I'd be floored, embarrassed, and he'd make me feel like a drama-queen. Then disaster would strike.. i would feel like i could never open up about being stressed out to people and i'd become a shut-in. But because I've been training to say what i really think in this bitch like he-man, i felt like everything was under MY control, I was the arbiter of who says what. I just looked at that nigga and thought "this nigga is old as fuck....refuses to let go of his pride....never says what he thinks in hangouts so he gets kicked out over and over and over again so he gets nowhere.".

Immediately i told him, "that's why you're always alone, because you're never accountable, you're not even accountable to your shitty joke when you try to ridicule me.", and that's all it took to shut him up. All i did was respond the way i wanted to, and i made HIM feel like the idiot.

That's why i didn't get mad at this video. You think i'm gonna let some brown-nosing white guilt-ridden idiot tell me i'm wrong for staring at a girl? Fuck no. That white kid is no different from trailer trash, so he can get it the same way. I may not be able to lead hangouts, so i'm too scared to actively go out there and start tearing down SJW posters and denouncing the establishment. But i know for a fact i can RESPOND very effectively.

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Re: Honky's Bar Night

Post by Info » Mon Nov 16, 2015 8:40 am

Honky wrote:he can get it the same way
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shape or be shaped.

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