Trump teaches about value for money

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Trump teaches about value for money

Post by Info » Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:11 am

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Re: Trump teaches about value for money

Post by FruityNigger » Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:06 am

The single best part about this video is when the reporter goes from dishonestly reading half of trumps statement and begins reading the full statement after he's called out like the little snake he is.

Then when Trump asks him why he was being a fucking snake and didn't read the full quote the first time...the faggot hipster reporter tried talking over Trump because he was too scared to answer the allegations. Frustrating because the hipster didn't back down EVEN WHEN HE WAS CAUGHT RED-HANDED IN A LIE!

I thought all hope was lost....until the hipster asked "are you trustworthy?" and Donald said "yes i am trustworthy, MORE TRUSTWORTHY THAN YOU." and THAT was the only thing that silenced the hipster long enough to make him think.

See, most niggas would answer that question by going "i am trustworthy guys! i don't beat my wife! i taught my kids their ABC'S! I go to the dentist twice a week, and i pay my taxes! of course i'm trustworthy!." Most niggas would back themselves up into a justification corner, but what are they really doing when this happens. Is the problem that they're justifying and trying to explain themselves? Nah

The problem is there are two magnifying glasses, one for the faggot hipster SJW and one for the guy talking to the faggot hipster SJW. Most guys want to justify themselves and put the magnifying glass on theirselves in hopes the SJW will recognize this virtuous act and in return put the magnifying glass on theirself and discipline their own behavior. BIG MISTAKE. The SJW magnifying glass is ALWAYS ON YOU. ALWAYS. And it's not that Donald Trump realizes this and is using a fancy technique to beat the reporter.

He's simply saying what he knows is right, and what he knows to be true is he's more trustworthy than the lying snake interviewing him.....and he's going to say it. He will be the judge because he knows he's the judge. And because of this, he automatically FORCES BOTH magnifying glasses onto the hipster, and the hipster cracks under the judgement he's been trying to escape from his whole life. See the hipster is over there judging him in a passive-aggressive way like a chick would, he thinks he's backing the Trumpaloompa into a corner, he thinks he's AMOG'ing trump, he thinks he's dancing around trump and overwhelming him without even having to touch him. This bitch nigga thinks he's a smooth criminal.

The problem is though, Trump realizes that he's Mike Tyson, he realizes that there's the face of the faggot hipster reporter in front of him, and that he(Trump) has fists attached to his body. And at any moment, he can swing and break the hipsters face. He realizes he doesn't even need to dance. He doesn't think about what's gonna happen after he swings( like the hipster does), he doesn't wonder if people will think he's a bad guy after he swings (After all, how can he? He already realizes HE'S THE JUDGE of moral character.) So he swings and breaks the hipsters nose, because he can, and he will, and it's super effective nigga.

Because he realizes he doesn't have to dance, and just tells the truth, he knocks the dancing hipster, with his fireworks, flashy moves, flashy clothes, earrings, and flashing lights, on his fucking ass with a simple punch.

Trump 2016 in this bitch.

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