Voat keyboard army vs Manhood 101

Niggers want to test us? Bring your #2 pencils. Get your webcam, a dry pair of panties, and let's get it the fuck on! Also we interview hos.
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Voat keyboard army vs Manhood 101

Post by Info » Thu Nov 12, 2015 2:11 pm

special guest appearance by new McDonald's employee Heru
Here are some of the keyboard warrior challenges on tonight's agenda:

@nadrewod screams like a bitch:
>Spammers are angry about their toxic site-promoting subverse LiveDebates being shut down, but couldn't really do much about it, so they stayed quiet. Then the troll /u/Heru basically stuck his hand in the beehive by agreeing to a "Live Debate" (really just "the Voat representatives ready for an actual debate after downloading the spyware that the Manhood101 spammers insisted on using, and the Manhood101 representative just sitting there eating snacks while shouting out curses and insults {because he mistakenly believes that whoever says the biggest final insult is the 'winner'}). Now we are left with MH101 spammers who have been given an idea for a new weekly "live" (not as live as text comments, and more prone to pro-MH101 censorship when they edit the video they upload) "debate" (not a debate when the side that is trying to run it doesn't even understand how debates work), and an entire community that is sick of their spam, but other than downvoting the spam and reporting the comments/posts on moderated subverses, we can't do anything to stop them.

@Heru throws his online tantrum:
>You're hilarious. Quote all you like, we in IRC were having a field day with your rediculous attention whoring and decided it would be a good idea to see if we could infiltrate your little cult of personality. Why do you think I failed to convince you of my sincerity? You're misquoting btw, I said I need to see the suffering in a woman's face to cum. You're experiencing so much butt hurt its a thing of beauty ;)

Deathstalker tries to impress voat with his manhood:
>It's just cringy that some dudes need a support group to be a man. Them and trp reminds me of Tom Cruises part in Magnolia.

Mr_Wolf whines like a bitch:
>No MA'AM had more self respect than the MH101 rodents. They didn't go around insulting and calling people faggots and such. If this is how you talk to people then there's no reason to even bother with a discussion, seeing this is how sample yourselves. Im sure it's safe to assume that you'll be screaming obscenities in any kind of debate making any type of discussion pointless.
SomeScientologist whine like a little girl:
The self proclaimed "professor" uses deliberately combative/offending language as a test to establish your worthiness to have a conversation (I.E. Are YOU Worthy?). This is also a technique to prove his worth to his community by constantly negating any apparent threats to his dominance. If you do not respond to his insult he has proven his "alpha status". He is well practiced in this and will persist as long as needed in order to establish his dominance. Versions of this are a common pickup artist technique, and actually does not mean much outside of the circle of pick up artist philosophers. He seems to consider that this sort of language is what should be the norm for human adult conversation.

His primarly purpose is not to make Voat a better place. His primary purpose is to promote MH101.

He complains about censorship on Voat when his intention is to use Voat to promote MH101

He says that what he posts is not spam because he does not advertise. He does accept donations.

He is playing a numbers game. Given a large enough community, a certain percentage will make a donation. Thus it is merely a percentage.

There is also the ego thrill of being the "alpha male" in a small tribe of followers. He only recognizes some as an equal who was a well versed in his vocabulary and techniques as he is.

There was a study posted in /v/science recently about how it's the men with lower testosterone levels who are the most loud and aggressive in tryng to establish their dominance, There are a couple of studies that show this also in monkeys. (added point)

Spam is any widespread undesired communication. Merely spreading it wider and more loudly does not make it more desirable. It does not require the involvement of money or advertising. You can have spam of music, art, politics, religion, porn, etc.etc. etc.

as a practical matter his negation technique does not attract anyone except the weak who can be intimidated, who respond to abuse, etc

There is a market for turning weak assholes into stronger assholes. This is his market

He also has his own closet version of the pickup artist philosophy and techniques. Many of these techniques (as seen on the web) use the manipulation of people for one's one purposes and personal pleasure alone.

There are many people who have many viewpoints, religious and otherwise. His view is that only a few are worthy of leadership positions because most people are idiots, and there is no hope for them

He proclaims his superior intelligence as being in the top 1%, and thus demands status because of his intelligence. He says this loudly.

He does not realize that being very smart does not mean that you are rational. Being smart does not mean that you do not have blind spots. Being smart often means that you are just that much more clever in explaining away and justifying your insanities and your abuse of others.

If he tried this in a court of law, etc, he would be thrown into a jail cell for contempt.
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