keyboard warriors debate #23848343

Niggers want to test us? Bring your #2 pencils. Get your webcam, a dry pair of panties, and let's get it the fuck on! Also we interview hos.
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keyboard warriors debate #23848343

Post by Info » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:55 am

The tale of how Kiwi Farms destroyed the academy:
Part 1: The Bravery Hiccup
Just a typical group of scared faggots hiding behind their mommy's keyboards:

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,)

of course we called these faggot cowards out to LIVE debate, and of course they ran like scared little girls. :D3


their final comment pretty much says the same thing:


:D3 :D3 :D3 :D3 :D3 :D3

So let's recap:
keyboard warriors: Manhood 101 is full of shit! We're L33T keyboard warriors and we're soooooo brave and smart!

Manhood 101: Let's see who's really brave and smart. Let's have a live webcam debate. But we'll just record the audio and distort the voices to protect your anonymity as we've done with all our critics in the past, and post the results on youtube and let the public be the judge of who's really full of shit.

keyboard warriors: is that all you got?

Manhood 101: um....didn't we just call you pathetic scared faggot keyboard warriors out to a live debate?

keyboard warriors: we're too mature to debate! we're too [insert L33T excuse] to debate!

Manhood 101:

keyboard warriors: hahahahahahahahaha! thought so! you're scared! you are unoriginal!!! you are immature!!! we are L33T and enlightened and too smart for you!!!!! Our keyboard warrior lives are the pinnacle of bravery and demonstrate social competence! we are not lonely losers living in our mommy's basements pretending to be something we're not! we really are cool as fuck!!!

Manhood 101: k

head keyboard warrior: I banned them to prove how cool and tough we are! that will teach them a lesson!!! they will never fuck with the keyboard warrior gods!!! oh and i'm removing all links to their live debate challenge so we can claim that they are ducking us too!! we'll pretend that we actually challenged them to debate and ran off scared even though they have the record to prove that they face their critics as all their debates are posted already on their youtube channel and we..... well we have um.....claim after internet claim touting our bravery!!! they just have actual debates. we have the word of internet warriors that we are brave! we are so sneaky and cool!!!! we are the L33T3st keyboard army around!
The end.


.........or WAS IT??? :scared-shocked: :scared-shocked: :scared-shocked: :scared-shocked:

Their triumphant return
Part 2: A New Hope [this fucking idiot sends over a blank email with a virus link to click.]

Manhood 101: Uh...may we help you? [same fucking idiot sends over a 2nd blank email with another virus link he wants me to click on.]

Manhood 101: MAY. WE. HELP. YOU? Geez do you not know how to use the most basic email systems? Click the link, answer the question, read and respond. Just that simple.

Manhood 101: listen cunt, we're not really sure who you are, but since you're too fucking stupid to figure this out we'll try to make it simple for your tiny little brain: you say what you want. and then we'll see if we can accommodate whatever it is your tiny little female brain is demanding.

is that clear? I already did. Waiting on a response. Do you really play these childish games to slide out of debates nowadays. You really are a prized cow.

Moo for me boo. Moo then respond.

Manhood 101: no you actually said nothing. your email is blank.
see how you're typing words in here. that's all you have to do. just type what you're asking for. simple even for your tiny female brain to figure out.... well maybe not so simple since you're too fucking stupid to figure out what would be common sense to 99% of earth's population.

[i continue reading and then realize this cowardly keyboard warrior is email to try and demand a live debate! can't lie--i got a little erection just thinking about meeting this genius in person and watching them act this brave and cavalier when their keyboard isn't protecting them] :shouting:


ooooooh look... a coward hiding behind his keyboard who actually wants to debate! why didn't you just say so in the first place you fucking idiot. :idea2:

you read the debate thread obviously (even though you're too fucking stupid to grasp the simple directions it seems). pick the day and time you want to do it: refer to this thread for available days/times: ....actually you seem too stupid to figure out the simplest direction.. i'll just post them here:

We are available to debate Mon 6pm, Tues 6pm, Wed 7pm, Thurs 6pm, Fri 6pm, Sat 2pm, and Sun 2pm. Pacific Standard Time! Send an email to to let us know what you want to debate about and what day/time you have chosen. 10 minutes before the start of the debate, we will email you the debate link. Just click it to join. Once the debate has concluded to your satisfaction, we will post the debate results here.

there. now all you have to do is pick a day and time and we can get it on to your heart's desire! i can't wait to meet your amazing intellect in person :girlclap: I already did, please advise.

Manhood 101: no you didn't fucktard. you actually have to TYPE. IT. USING. YOUR. KEYBOARD. you know ....the thing you live behind :embarrass:

i'm not a mind reader. just state the day and time you want..

funny you're requesting a debate yet you're playing hard to get like a little bitch. I did in my first email. Pls read thx

Manhood 101: no dumb cunt. you actually didn't. it's blank. like your tiny bitch brain.

we can't debate if you REFUSE to set a day/time. you pout like a little cunt, you get nothing. :idk: Charles Paul Gellman Please go back to the first email, click the link and respond. That's all you have to do. Please let me know If I have to screenshot it for you.

Manhood 101: didn't i tell you the FIRST time stupid cunt. i don't click your links. you tell me the day and time.

now listen up stupid cunt, this is your last warning. then you go in the spam folder with the rest of the cowardly keyboard warriors.

last time i will ask your pathetic. cowardly. ass.

DAY AND TIME? [same bullshit refusal]


you'd think this would be simple especially for a guy so fucking hardcore he wrote this:


i guess when he said, "100% ON YOUR TERMS," he must've meant 18% my terms, 82% his menstruation cycle :think:

maybe it was just too demanding, too ambitious to ask for a day and time (from the very guy offering the challenge)... i dunno..... :idk: i just decided to post a direct link to a debate right in their forum:


and now without further ado, here are the Kiwi Farms Keyboard Warriors utterly destroying, embarrassing, and humiliating us...... just like they promised:

enjoy :girlclap:

the official response from the Kiwi Farms Keyboard Warrior Embassy:
Doesn't work that way, Chuck Cuck. You don't get to flaunt your shit, appear out of the blue with a random as fuck debate than lazily concede in a vain attempt to kill our interests. What part of 'You're here forever' don't you understand? The only way we lose interest in you is when your insipid little website finally dies.

.....well you have a point... ok we'll make you a deal. we'll take down the forum just like you requested in say.....57 years? is that too soon?



social interaction is an interruption.

shape or be shaped.

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Re: Kiwi Farms keyboard warriors embarrass & humiliate us during live debate

Post by Miss Behavior, PhD » Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:24 am


I can cook. I can clean. I don't have a mustache. And I put out on the first date--in other words, I'm hot.

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Re: Kiwi Farms keyboard warriors embarrass & humiliate us during live debate

Post by Info » Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:36 pm

This was just emailed to us from the butthurt feminist underground: :D3
As we always say, when feminists can't argue against us, their only weapon left is to try to censor us. :D3 :D3 :D3


social interaction is an interruption.

shape or be shaped.


Re: Kiwi Farms Keyboard Warriors utterly DESTROY Manhood 101

Post by EnergyCues » Sun Jan 24, 2016 5:06 pm

O gawd! I've never laughed so hard in my entire life! These fags are so dumb they actually spent 130+ pages celebrating their doxxing of some random pickup artist and now this pickup artist is supposedly running Manhood 101???? ....With his wife and kids??? Holy shit!

:?: :laughchinese: :laughchinese: :laughchinese:

Professor your restraint with these tards is legendary. :clap:

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