Answering the haters

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Answering the haters

Post by Info » Sat May 21, 2016 11:48 am

Why so many bad reviews??!

We've made countless enemies over the years by being politically incorrect. That's because we absolutely refuse to censor our message or even water down our content. As a result, many people are pissed off at our work. Don't believe us? Try googling "Manhood 101". You'll find hundreds of bad reviews accusing us of:
All these lies only reveal the utter dishonesty of our critics; our work exposes the fraudulent teachings of Pickup Artist scammers and the "Seduction Community" exploiting naive virgins with no social skills.

We've exposed Men's Rights Activists like Paul Elam and Karen Straughan.

We've exposed the delusional mindset of the socially inept MGTOWs.

We've exposed feminists as liars, and we've even been sexually assaulted by one during a live debate!

Our work is focused on telling the truth about relationship principles. This always has the side effect of exposing con artists and scammers seeking to take advantage of clueless guys. Understandably, these groups have an axe to grind against us. You would too if we cut into your money making scams and fraudulent teachings.
Why do our critics resort to creating this mountain of false accusations? Simple. They know that they don't have to tell the truth when they can just hide behind their keyboards. If no one is there to hold them accountable, these snake oil salesmen can make up all the stories they want. They are essentially robbing you of this precious information and life-changing social training. This is why just googling our academy isn't enough. If you want to get the TRUTH, you need to watch us go head-to-head against our harshest critics. Listen to BOTH sides before you make up your mind!
Here are a few examples of what happens to any critic who has the BALLS to make these silly accusations to our faces:




Check the rest of this section for even more examples of Manhood 101 facing its worst critics HEAD ON!

....Oh and by the way! In case you were wondering, we also have TONS of great reviews from guys around the world just like you who have experienced our work firsthand! And here's one of the most moving reviews of all time written by one of our students.
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