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You are drowning in a sea of confusing advice, prescription meds and chronic insecurity. You're obsessed with your appearance and ruled by your unstable emotions. You dread talking to women, resent your peers and couldn't care less about the world.

In short, you feel stuck and unable to do anything about it. Your frustration is understandable.

We're here to cut through the bullshit.

Manhood Academy is the only accredited worldwide social education center in existence today. It is specifically designed to teach men like you how to create satisfying relationships. And best of all—our content is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Whether it's going on a first date, creating friendships with classmates, saving a troubled marriage, addressing your girlfriend's 'bitch' behavior, dealing with an unreasonable mother, motivating your employees, or standing up for yourself in this emasculating feminist environment, our goal is to teach you how to form the best relationships possible!

Today's self-help "gurus" only focus on teaching you how to mimic attractive social behaviors; they'll change the way you dress and give you funny stories to entertain your audience, but they never truly change the way you think and feel about socializing. You're still the same insecure, neurotic guy inside, only now you're better at hiding it.

We're going to save you a lot of time, money, and heartache. Our job isn't done until you have the complete ability to form relationships with everyone you meet. We're not just here to give you a few social tips. Our goal is to change you—your view, your goal, and most importantly, your attitude towards socializing!

While motivational authors like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield con you with feel-good strategies, we actually demonstrate what works.

While pick-up artists like Mystery and Style emphasize gimmicky social routines and situational advice, we tear down all your bad social habits and rebuild you with the right social attitude and perspective.

While "life coaches" like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Harvey bombard you with trendy sound bites, we don't pull any punches.

Our free ebook illustrates the principles that governs all relationships. If you've ever wanted to know what motivates people to behave a certain way, why you have trouble forming relationships, or what you can do to move your life forward, this book is for you.

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Manhood Academy refuses to play the bait-and-switch game. From the academy's inception many years ago until today, everything we've taught has been FREELY available for critics and skeptics alike to examine. "The Principles That Govern Social Interaction" is our free gift to the world! It covers everything taught in our in-person and online training program (Now available in movie format!) Everything we promise to teach you, we will!

When you become a student at Manhood Academy, you'll receive personal instruction every step of the way. You'll also join our growing community of men around the world who are dedicated to revolutionizing their lives.

We cordially invite you to train with us.

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