Once Upon A Time

Men had balls.

They said what they wanted. They did what they wanted. They became what they wanted. But all that has changed. Today, men no longer feel secure in their own skin. They're anxious, unmotivated, and depressed. They are afraid of their own shadows and wallow in self-pity, trapped in their bedrooms. They trade in their self-respect for self-loathing. They beg women for sex while catering to bitch behavior. They're hooked on porn, video games, and the internet. They're full of shame, suppressing their anger, only to tolerate a society that has abandoned them...

It's time men woke the fuck up.

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Necessity is your compasswe'll teach you how to follow it

No man thrives by himself. It goes against our design to separate ourselves from others. We're social creatures. We must socialize to be happy. If we don't develop proper relationship skills our lives become miserable!

Your desires always point you in the right direction. But nobody teaches you how to navigate. You don't know what path to follow or how to handle obstacles.

Hunger tells you to eat, but stealing creates distrust. Your penis tells you to fuck, but rape will get you arrested. Your heart tells you to seek out companionship, but competition creates enemies. Your desires are correct. But your actions require proper training to meet them. Otherwise you'll end up chasing after empty promises.

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This is the fun part! You're gonna eat pain for breakfast.

Want Math was created as an escape hatch from your apologetic existence. And the only way out is to move FORWARD! Break the fucking door down if you have to. Burn your hesitation to the ground. A bad decision is better than no decision. Regret beats defeat. Losing beats giving up. Your excuses are endless but your time is limited. Mistakes are a given. Failure is guaranteed. And suffering is in your weather forecast. Fuck it. Do it anyway. Speak up. Say what's on your mind. You have nothing to lose but your useless pride. Developing relationship skills is worth the cost of temporary discomfort. Let's do it!


Test everything trust the facts, not your feelings

At Want Math, we will keep it 95—100% of the time—guaranteed! That means you can trust us most of the time. But every once in a blue moon we'll tell you the dog ate our homework or some other bullshit excuse. Don't panic. Just get on our ass and keep us accountable.

Public scrutiny is your new best friend. Test everything you learn from us. Hold back nothing! Be as critical as possible. It's your life. Accept nothing less than full satisfaction. You're here to train to meet your needs not fool yourself into wasting your time, money, and energy. You should get what you've earned here, not just what you're willing to accept from us. Be skeptical of our motives. Be wary of our teaching. Be loyal to the facts not to your feelings. The truth is never threatened by even the harshest critic or the most brutal examination. Your life matters. Stop letting people defraud you from enjoying it!

Build your balls

Participate in live webcam classes (guaranteeing you a strong 7% chance of graduating). Fall down into the fetal position after receiving virtual knees to the groin on your road to manhood. And rub elbows with the best social experts on the planet inside our hallowed doors. Check out our youtube channel for a sneak peek!

Try us out for ONE month. You can tap out at any time just by cancelling your paypal subscription. No questions, no hassles... Or stick it out and graduate with a PhD in Bitch Management. Our job is to turn every critic, skeptic, heretic, and unwashed hippie into a social tsunami. What do you have to lose other than your pride (and a few tears)?

Social Skills

Join our webcam classes and train with other students around the world to develop your social skills! FREE scholarship are also available to those who can't afford to pay 69 cents per day. Your social success is our goal, not your money!

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